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Friday, August 24, 2012

Mr. Marcus

Ok Men, Buckle up because I have a few things to say and most of you are not gonna like it!

Mr. Marcus,

 The most famous man in porn is being nailed to a cross and I for one can't take any more of the comments that I've read today concerning this. 
Today on Papi Chulos Blog I read a story about Mr. Marcus showing up reactive for syphills.  So I posted it on my wall as well as our groups on facebook today.  I was shocked and surprised at so many of the comments that have been made concering this and especially some of comments from people who  I know shouldn't be throwing stones, some saying he was irresponsible and hurting the porn business.

First thing I have to say about this is, yeah Mr. Marcus was wrong in trying to hide the fact that he had been exposed to syphillis, but if you read the article you will see that he admitted his error and also as soon as he tested reactive for syphills he went right to his Doctor for treatment, is that what you call irresponsible?  Hell fucking no! The man did the right thing and got treated for it as soon as he was aware of the problem.  As the article says, his Dr. gave him a shot and told him to wait for 10 days to have sex with anyone, after that waiting period he'd be good to go.  He stated he followed the Doctors Orders so what's the problem here folks?  Seems like a stand up dude as opposed to so many fucks out here who don't get tested regulary for STI's or worse yet those who do know they have something but don't get treated.  I can't tell you how many people I've come across who have or who has had an STD (HIV is a hell of an example) who don't get treated or inform their partner about this before or after sex.  In the gay world we all know dudes who are Poz who don't tell their partners and I know countless Undectable Poz guys who also do not inform their partners that they have an STD or in the past was exposed to syphillis and treated who don't mention - "umm I has syphills x amout of years ago but was treated for it".
However today I seen so many people who wanna point fingers at Mr. Marcus saying he's irresponsible and hurting the porn business.  If you ask me one of the major villians here is the Doctor he went too who so obviously had no idea what he was doing.  As many of you know Pito and I was exposed to Syphills several years ago, we went to the board of health and got treated for it by taking a series of 3 differnt shots in the ass (anyone who's had these shots know they hurt like a motha fucker!).  We were told that after these shots we'd be good to go and had nothing to worry about.  A few months later we went to our regualr Dr. for a routine check up and STD check only to find out that we were still reactive for Syphillis, so here we go again and took yet again another series of shots.  This time we both took 2 shots in each hip on 3 seperate occasions, our titers went down and we were told we were good to go.  Then we moved to Florida and Pito had to get a Doctor here and his Dr did the usual test as well as all the STD test that he needed (since I am poz he gets checked every 3 months) only to find out once again that he was still reactive for Syphillis, so here we go again.  The first time we both got shots in the ass and went back a few weeks later to get checked and our titers were still not down to the level that they needed to be, so someone got the bright idea that perhaps the shots weren't working for us so the next treatment we had to take 1 pill every 12 hours for 2 weeks.  We did all that and went back yet again for a check up only to find out we were still reactive, so while everyone was scrathing their heads someone remembers that once exposed to syhpills that some people will always show up reactive for it even though they are no longer contagious and can't infect anyone else with it.  So there it is, even though we still are reactive for the syphillis we are good to go and don't have to worry about it. 

Seems Mr. Marcus Doctor does not know this and he recieved the standard 1 shot treatment and was told he was good, I also want to add that this is the same treatment that a soldier in the US Army who is a friend of Pito's also got when he was exposed to Syphillis.  The dude got the shot and was told to wait a certain amout of time and once he did he was good to go.  He was never scheduled for a follow up and has been having sex ever since.  Obviously the Doctors who are giving these kinds of treatments don't know what the fuck they are doing.

But here's my real issue with this.  Most of the people who left comments on my post today were those who like to practice BareBack sex, many of those people have had syphillis and some are even HIV Poz, some undectable and some who aren't.  My thing here is, the same people here who are pointing fingers at Mr. Marcus are the ones who either practice BB sex who also have something or have had something and most do not inform their partners of their condition them selves.  (I for one (as you should know by now) am Undectable HIV Poz, Pito is neg - We/I have always been upfront about my/our status (HIV and Syphillis), we are porn producers and so far have only shot BB sex because at current we are the only stars on our site, (we are real life partners and don't see the problem with that) and though we are both fans of BB sex we do plan on shooting scenes with other models with and without the use of condoms as to please a wider audience.)  These are also the same people who seek out BB porn to watch, gay and straight.  My thing is, if there wasn't such a high market for BB sex in porn then perhaps Mr. Marcus wouldn't have been Barebacking and wouldn't have been exposed to this in the first place. 

So I must ask you, Who Really Is To Blame Here; Mr. Marcus, his Doctor or the Fans who want BareBack sex in the first place?  Before you place this man on the cross saying he's at fault I think many of you need to look at your own actions and porn preferance before placing blame on a man who did the right thing!


  1. great post

    I will say at least he OWNED UP to his wrong doings but I believe the doctors should have PROPERLY ADVISED him .... but if there was a missed "signal" between them .... they now have to work alot better than before

  2. you got some good web sites on you page my brother
    my name is pete leak and i like your web page and how you got them it is cool to me

  3. Rick you are soooooo on the money with this! Bravo!