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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Keeping It Real

A little over a year ago Pito and I were in front of the computer thinking What the Fuck, another picture rejected by a Website.  (I wont mention the sites name because that is not why we are here, but they run their site with predigious.)  We have a pretty decent eye for pics and I'm not bad with photoshop, so we would often post composits and such.  Some of them pretty damn hot, but they would be taken down by this site or that one because of some gradeschool rule or fucked up power trip they happen to be on.  So we decided to put up our own shit, where the only rules we have are by the Feds (which are more than enough).

We took a year or so and did a ton research and as most of you know We have Our Name, Our Own Web Host, We Trademarked and Copyrited Everything.  We have our own ideas on how and what we want to show the public - and the shit is fresh, not the humb drumb cookie cutter crap that seems to be norm lately.
As a lot of you know we have had to reach out a couple times for help and advice on a few things.  We were Naive to the various preditors in this business and got bit more than once.  We had dudes try to jump on the band wagon talking about link this site to that one and bull shit of the same - still waiting on a couple of thoses links.  We spoke with one who is well known in this business who talked about coming aboard as a consultant - we've been waiting on that call for months.  We had someone else who picked at us for months talking this and that only to find out they decided to start their own company (that shit was so fresh it wouldn't even fucking Google!) - we could have been cool had they only been upfront.  And finally we had the one who wanted nothing from us and then tried to publicly anoucne himself as a star.  You can only imagine how quick I nailed that one in the ass!  This is our Shit, We and Who We feel is Savage Talons Material are the "stars".

Another thing that is buring My Ass right now is something I let happen in Lauderdale.  We have friends of all sorts, some more attractive than others and some more masculine than others - we don't give a fuck if your large or small, if we like ya we like ya, if we don't we don't.  Under the advice of a good friend I let this nasty fucker rub all over me for what seem like the entire night. 

Now I understand the need to be nice when trying to start your own business - no matter what the venture.  But this fella was the kind of dude that just makes my skin crawl and in normal life I wouldn't have pissed on him if he'd been on fire. 

I hate phony people and that night at the club I definitely put on Airs.  Never Again, I ain't no Go Go Boy trying to make a quick buck!

One of the Things that sets us apart is that we are not someone who is trying to act like a certain "Porn Character", This is Us and We Keep it Real - We Are going to show the Real Us, the Everyday Us.  Don't expect Us to always be funny or the class clowns all the time, if thats what you want - there are a lot of other companys and stars to search though.

One last thing, We do wanna Thank the Photographers we have worked with so far (Robert Miller Studios and Charles Bennett photography) you guys got us looked at.  STM has also taken some bomb ass pics. 
We give nothing but Luv to Our Graphics Designer - Duncan Baumbach who work is going to blow away anyting you've seen on any web site - Big or Small.  He is the Master behind All the Art Work you will see - and the shit is off the chain.  He will continue on with us to do Promo and DVD artwork.  (and I can't tell ya how glad we've kept his work hidden from the spys and thieves). 

Daddy Jim grabbed our hand and is doing a great job guiding us though a lot of this, many thanks to him.  But we really have to thank SylvesterQ, Kevin H., C'Man, and Ty for keeping it Real with us.  All these guys have been great to us as well as all our Facebook Friends, Followers, and subscribers.

Thanks For Your Support and For Keeping it Real Men!
Much Luv, Pito & Rick

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where the Hell We Been?

Grab your coffee or your cock and sit back - this is gonna be a long one.

For all you who heard we were on Vacation in Florida, you heard part of the story.  We did try to relax while we were in Florida, but it was far from our idea of a vacation.  We were re-inventing Our Plan and Strategy for getting this Boy on his feet ( yeah we talking about the long awaited site Savage Talons Media better known as STM ).  This Baby has been crawling way too long and needed a gentle push.

We are new to all this and did a damn good job of starting this site.  At first we looked to the Big Dawgs for inspiration and a lot of jacking off, Falcon, Titan, Ty Lattimore, just to name a few.  These Boys knew how to get their shit started and it got us to thinking if we follow their example, add some Old School Style, and of course our own Primal Instincts we blow them away with some kick ass amateur porn.  But we knew we couldn't do this alone so we did have to reach out for help.  After getting bit a couple times and even an idea stolen from us (slick move boys - try it again.) Daddy Jim pointed us in the right direction.

At the advice of Daddy Jim we headed off to check out Ft. Lauderdale/Wilton Manors.  Jim was a great tour guide and we had a great time checking out this town.  Jim introduced us to countless people and showed us everywhere that was gay in Lauderdale - who knew it was such a Mecca?  LOL

We checked out the Leatherwerks which is a really nice store.  I was so impressed with the quality and workmanship in this store, I can't wait to get back to spend some money in this store!  And you know we had to check out the Ramrod which is a cool ass bar.  Can't wait to get back again guys...

We met a lot of dudes from Paul and Chad ( a lot of you might know Chad from the Ramrod ), these are some cool dude who seem to have their hand in just about everything - We are sure they will be a great success and are behind them 100% in their ventures.  WE also met some guys from facebook one day while having lunch at the Courtyard Cafe, Johnny and his b/f Nico - you guys are really great and we'll have to holla next time we in NC.

I think One of the Most Important people we met in Lauderdale would have to go to SylvesterQ. 
This man is so talented and has help so many get their start in this business; yet he's humble - it was amazing to us.  We met with him at his home and spent quite a while getting to know him and talking about the business.  We showed him some of the work we have already done and he showed us what he could do.  He really gave us a lot of confidence that we could do this and for him say, "Can't wait to work with you guys - you guys are hot" - that means a lot!  Thank you Sir - We can't wait to work with you...

We are taking the advice we heard so clearly - which is we need to move to Florida in order to do this well and work with the Quality of people we need in order to succed in this business.  We have already found out that the porn indrustry is not an easy arena and we will need many more people like SylvesterQ and Daddy Jim in our corner.

We are sorry to announce some bad news to our Fans - Savage Talons Media start date will be pushed back even futher until we get this right.  As most of you know moving is not an easy thing on anyone and especially when a business is involved.  We are doing this for you and appreciate your patience and support - It is all about you guys and the quality of work we want to bring you. 
Our eyes have been opened a lot in the past few weeks and we see we have to switch it up a little bit, re-group, and close all the shutters and the doors to keep the spys out.

Get Ready Men, Savage Talons Media is Coming Hard!