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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Having Some Fun At Pito's Expense. LOL

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pito Does A Solo

We are getting a few video's built up in our libary and about ready for the switch over of STM to a more traditional pay site, meaning you will have to pay to join this site instead of buying each video separately.  The switch over will be coming in the next few weeks with the release of one or two new videos on the launch date (exact date yet to be announced - stay tuned) with a new video along with new content to be added every month.  All videos will be viewable on the site as they are now with payment of full membership fee (you will be able to view the content and videos available as many times and as often as you like during your membership period - we will be offering the typical 30 day membership with you choice of either recurring or non-recurring for your convience) and with downloads at a slightly higher rate each (price yet to be decided on but somewhere in the ball park of the $5.00usd range each).  DVD's are still not available yet, but once those are ready we will provide them to members as well as non members.  Recurring site members will be given a discounted price on each DVD they wish to purchase while non members or non-recurring members will pay full price for each.  We have given up on the idea of running a Live Cam on the site as we just can't bear the cost at this time.  However, we are considering using Skype or some other system so that our paying members can interact with us once a month or so.  This will not be a live sex show but a chance to actually speak with us, get to know us, ask questions, make suggestions, etc...