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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Strong Role Models

We have a few "Newbies" as fans and there are a few things that I think you should catch up on:

I wanna start by say thanks for all the comments that we have recieved not only here but especially on Facebook - (sorry, but you'd have to be on our friends list to view that).  I especially wanna thank those who are in the business and spoke so franky on the subject.  We had not one bad comment about our post, except from the model who's blog I quoted from.  I follow this blog close and have for long time, we had even asked for his advice on a few matters, but he didn't reply - but expected some sort of Loyality.  There are many in this business we have asked for help from and are Loyal to Those Who Are Loyal to Us.  He of course was very upset and even accused me of using him in some sort of way to promote our own agenda.  He was really childish when both Pito and I tried to talk to him about it, just so worried about our readers finding out who I was talking about.  I didn't quote my sorce for this post like I would have if I'd been writing a paper for school- Maybe I should have?  At any rate, rest assure man - many on facebook have tried to guess who we were speaking of and not a one mentioned your name, That's the God's Honest Truth.  LOL, Maybe you're not as famous as you thought you were?  At any rate, we have nothing but luv for this man's work and know his success will continue despite anything from the STM blog.

This is a hot issue and a lot of people have a lot to say about it.  We realize there are people who like to go to the bathhouses or circut paties and fuck them up raw and then go around talking shit about everyone else, that's just gay men and our society - porn star or business man.  But this hypocrisy is just crazy, the models are blaming the companys that they are working for and the companys are blaming society.  Personally I don't give a fuck if you go Bareback or you are Safe, I just want you to do it correctly and don't stand up and proclaim yourself a Strong Role Model  (of any color) when you're doing it wrong.  You should be setting the standards - not part of the problem.

Something I read the other day on a Blog was some talk about how some Black men would never bottom for someone outside their race.  This isn't the first time I've heard this, I've even had it said to my face.  I realize this is another hot topic issue and I'm not trying to get into all that too.  But I don't understand all this, if you follow our blog you will know that I was raised by My Grandparents.  Now we lived just 10 - 15 miles or so from the states KKK Headquarters.  Now believe this or not, I was not raised in a racist house at all.  My Grandfather was a History and Social Studies teacher as well as a BasketBall Coach in an Urban School 25 some miles away.  I've been around every color of the rainbow all my life and never been treated badly by anyone because of race - I guess being the Coaches Grandson was the reason?  I've dated every color of man I can find and One of my first Highschool Boyfriends was named Gerald (can you guess what color? lol) So long story short I never seen Racist Behavor in life until I moved to Indy some 14 years ago.  The first Bruh I ever had a problem with was named Darrell, the man hated my guts only because of my skin color.  It was really tough for me to understand, but we worked together for a few years and I finally got the just of his anger.  He never did grow to like me, but he respected me and that ment way more me.  I realize there are a lot of White people out there who still have a problem with not only Black, but every race.  But I'm bombarded almost daily by hatred - for what?  Why can't we take the color equassion out of all this, Gay life is hard enough without having to be split between ourselves.

 I brought all this up because the post that got me going the other day also spoke about this subject as well as Strong Black Role Models.  Well I want to introduce you to one who I not only feel is one hell of a Role Model, but the majority of the country will back me on that and I image you all will too.

Mr. Pito Savage
Pito grew up on the streets of the Bronx in what best I can tell a large and loving family.  They didn't have a lot of money and did what they had to to get by.  He started Stripping in the Clubs of NYC around the age of 16, Joined the Military at the age of 18.  He's served 15 years for his country, been over seas and though the years had hundreds of men serving under him.  He's had a brilliant military career and has the medals on the wall and in the cases to prove it.  Not only all this, but he is the Father of 4 great kids - never missed a birthday or a child support payment (that's all you need to know about that)

I met Pito at the end of his marriage, He hit me up one day on a hook up site with a profile without a picture.  Now I usually didn't even respond to those but for some reason that day I did.  We chatted for a bit and then he flooded my inbox full of pics.

I was always really amazed that Pito even hit me up, you see I was 6 months into knowing that I was HIV+.  Now at the time I was working at a Level 1 Trama Unit here in Indy.  It's one of 2 here in Indiana and also happens to be the County Hospital.  Now working in an Urban Hospital you are exposed to God knows what from God knows where, I've had it all splashed on me and then some.  Now Aug of 06 I had just passed HIV and an Everything test and was cool, I was also single and breaking a lot of rubbers and had a couple of regular FB who I may have gotten too comfortable with.  Dec. 27, 2006 I went to work and looked up the labs I had ran on my self before the holiday.  I sat in front of a PC Monitor and looked at my test results, this is how I found out I was Poz.  I waisted no time, grabed the first Doctor I could see and got me a script for Atripla.  4 days later I change my status on all my profiles and started making the calls to "friends" who should know.  I have never hid or lied about my status - and it's not always been easy.  I've been undectable and healty since April '07.  I've had people say all kinds of shit to me, very little of it worth repeating - but always stood my ground. Where am I going with this?

Pito knew I was HIV+ the moment he looked at my profile, in fact he says it was the honesty of the profile that attracted him.  I think it was the picture.
Pito and I dated for month before having sex but when we did have sex it was totally safe in everyway.  We actually sucked each others dicks with condoms on, we ate each other before anal sex, and of course fucked with rubbers.  During this time, Pito educated himself and I pointed him towards the right info on the net.  Now with the info he learned, some that I supplied him with, and a one on one convo with my Dr - Pito and I are totally Bareback couple and have been for over 3 years now.  In our bedroom cum not only flys on the walls but up the holes.  Pito was HIV- when we met and still is to this day, he has ate and had more of my cum up his bum than I can imagne.  This is the difference between knowing what you are doing and dealing with an Undectable HIV+ Male.  Education and taking care of yourself is the key to all this guys.  (Please check out our new link on Safer Sex.)

Oh, and that brings me to another thing.  Lucky for Me and You, Pito has been sucking dick since he is 13.  Not only does he eat ass and fuck it, but he bends over and takes it -   He dosen't care if it's a memeber of his own race or not.  He has no racial hang ups or this bull shit that so many are using about serving the white man.  This is A REAL MAN.


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 Role Model for Us All!