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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas - Bah Humbug

This is not the post I have been planning in my head for the last couple of weeks to write, but unfortunately this is it - I'm not feeling Christmas this year.

Let me start of by saying I'm a big kid at heart.  Growing up we always had the whole family at my Grandparents house, big tree, table trimmed, and food and cookies that had been baking for days a head of time.  Christmas to me (like most kids) was the best time of the year.  In many ways it still is to me, I spend months a head of time thinking about how I want the tree this year, what lights I wanna hang outside and where - I like to do it big.

This year as been a rollercoster from hell as far as we had no idea when the Army was gonna to or if they were even going to let him out.  Everything in our life was put on hold waiting on this one event.  Pito was wanting to see his kids last summer so badly and wasn't able to due to many reasons but mainly the fuckin' army was the biggest hold up.  Then all of a sudden in Oct. it happened, he got the papers giving him a release date and from then on everything has been crazy trying to get moved to Florida for 2 very big reasons: 

1st) We had to get these Kids and their Daddy together and now only have 2 months to pack a house, move the stuff, unpack and then gear up for Christmas.

2ed) As you all know, we couldn't do Porn and be that sucessful in a Back Water place like Indiana.  We already had some contacts here and really feel that Florida is the place for STM to grow into whatever it is to become. 

Well believe it or not the house is on point for the visit with the kids.  The Entry Way alone even does myself proud, it's like walking into a winter wonder land complete with a life size Santa to great you.  We have a 9ft. tree in the family room with a 14inch angel on top.  Each of the kid's room is customized for them, the girl has all new pink and purple bedding with shames and all that crap - and of course a little 3ft pink tree decorated by Pito and I.  The 2 smaller boys' room has a little blue 3ft tree with my favorite Pooh Bear Orinments on it, each bed is decked out one with Spongebob and the other with Spiderman.  The oldest boys' room is the shit, we hooked this little bruh up with some pleated burgundy bed clothes that would make even the biggest player - a hater.  His tree is a 3 or 4ft green pine decked out with pine cones and burgundy orinments.  Each tree is matched with some old fashion paper garland that Pito and I both made to match each room.
We even purchased a 7ft tree and some none breakable orinments so the kids would have their own tree to decorate.  Of course there are lots of other decorations through out the house and the outside has lights all over the shrubs as well as the entire roof is lined with icicle lights.  The whole place really is quite nice even if I do say so myself.  I don't know how we pulled it all off.

Now for the Shit....

The entire time Pito was still in the Army his ex wife kept trying to get him kicked out for being Gay.  This Cunt had went to P's Commander, Generals, and anyone else she thought would listen to her.  Fortunately She had lost all credibility previously with some shit she tried to start with Pito over some inventory or some shit, Pito pulled out the Doc. to prove his side and that was it - NO ONE LISTENED TO HER AGAIN.  But we still had to be careful, we couldn't give her proof - otherwise that would be it, P would be kicked out of Army and a 14 year career would have been for not.  So, Pito's visits with the kids up unitl now had to be very careful and planned out really well.

Since Pito's been out of the Army he's come out to everyone and has been very surprised by the response from most, his mother's was the best so far though.  He called her during dinner with this speach all planned out, after he got it out her reply was something like this, "Is that it, I've been knowing that.  Now can I get off the phone and finish eating?"  LOL  So needless to say his coming out has been a little bit easier than he had expected and a lot easier than most of us have/had/or will experience.

Now, I've spent the last 4 years listening to P talk to these kids on the phone, looking at most recent pictures.  I'm familiar with their likes and dislikes, and whatever the favorite toy of the month is.  I'm even pretty good at picking out gifts for them that they usually like.  I know that means squat in their eyes, they don't know me from Adam and all they have heard is all this neg shit about their Daddy and some dude that stole him from them.  So obviously I knew the first visit might be a little rough.

First off for those of you who do not know, Pito has 4 really beautiful kids.  I know I'm supposed to say they are pretty kids, but they really are.  I wont tell you the names but you can follow along with this.  We have boy A, he's the oldest - seems like a cool little bruh, level headed and real.  Then the Girl, she is really pretty with her own hair that goes well past her shoulders.  Then we have boy B, another cool little dude who is easily distracted but isn't bothered by much.  And last but not least, boy C.  Shy as hell at first but once he starts talking he don't stop, and just so damn cute.  The ages run from 12 to 4.

When Pito picked the kids up and was waiting for the plane to come back to Orlando, I guess he told his kids - all the kids, that he had a partner.  I'm pretty sure the younger 2 really don't understand what all is involved with that, but we all know the older 2 have a pretty decent grasp of the situtation. 

Like I said, I knew meeting these kids was gonna be rough - but I was ready.  Well, I don't know if it was the actual man standing in front of them or the fact I was white.  The Girl was the first one in the door with Boy A behind her, she took one  glance at me and then looked away - boy A just stood there, I'm not sure if he was sizing me up or just in shock ( I think a bit of both).  Pito introduced us, I said hi and they just stood there with this dumb look on their faces.  Finally (prompted by P) they said hi.  The girl went looking out the window and the boy smiled at me.  Then came the other 2, boy B stoped in his tracts at me and boy C really did drop his jaw open.  (LOL, it was cute now that I think about it).  Boy B was introduced to me, said hi and got over it just that quick.  Boy C was shy at first but by the second day and the second cheese sandwich that it took me to get it right for him (LOL) he started to warm up some.

I thought on the second day I had actually got the girl to like me for about 10 seconds.  We all made sugar cookies together, they made a mess like I've never seen before and they seemed to have had the best time.  Now mind you this is actually the fist full day with the kids, and there has already been drama.  Seems the Bitch was concerned about where everyone would be sleeping - she started this a couple weeks before, but got on it really hard the the first night they were here.  Seems she wanted boy A to sleep on the floor in the room with boys B and C, claiming they might wake in the middle of the night and get scared.  P checked with the kids and no one wanted to move and B and C said they were fine.  Ok, Pito and boy A played video games all night in his room. Pito fell asleep on top of the covers - fully dressed while the boy slept under the covers.  Of corse the cunt started screaming about laws and yadda yadda yadda - like P gonna molest his kids or some shit.. 

You guys trackin so far, see where this is going?

Ok, so all the kids now have new Bikes to ride and are having a blast.  We had a nice dinner together at the table and so on, cool.  Pito slept on the couch to avoid drama of:  a) sleeping with boy A and  b) sleeping in the room with me.  So why was the Girl texting her Mamma all day talking about her Pvts. hurting?  Did she say shit to her Daddy?  No, she just made out like her cooch hurt.  Hmmmm....

So the Cunt insisted that P rush the girl to the hospital right away for inspection.  This is Day Damn 2!  Of course the Dr. said she was fine and that it was from the bicycle.  Even after insisting that Pito hand the phone to the Dr. so that she can speak to him directly - she (the bitch ex wife) is still acting  stupid.

I've been in my/our Room since last night.  I'm done with this.  I've hung with Pito though a lot of shit, medical and everyday of hearing about this bitch and her drama over the kids.  We've jumped though hoops for years to get these kids what they need and it's all been about them, for what.  So some little Girl can say someone touched her because her Mamma can't get her boys to tell the lie?  Naw, I don't need none of that.  At the advice of our Laywer - I'm not getting a Hotel to stay in during the rest of this Christmas Visit like I really want and feel I should do, but in stead I will be held up in our room until this is over.

Merry Christmas........