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Friday, March 8, 2013


People have been asking , "what's up, what you guys been up too, no post on the blog in a min"?????.....We been a lil busy , trying to expand and continue to rock out with STM......landed another interview, but this time with EDGE Magazine, and getting some love shown again from GC Porn Magazine... Thank you Chris, JJ, Steve and Pedro, for giving us the opportunity and Steve for the connect and real talks......Had a awesome photo shoot with Physique Fotos last month and ready to keep moving forward....We want to thank EVERYONE who supported our latest video ENFORCED II- RAW guys truly showed us so much love on it!!!.... After carefully thinking about our next move for the next video.. it finally came to us and we have found the PERFECT location for it and this shit here will hopefully continue to show that we are here to to bring you some REAL DEAL, and RAW MAN SEX!!...We also would like to thank RAVEN'S EDEN, for nominating us for this years BEST WEBSITE AND BEST SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTERFLY!..... Rick and I send a special thank you to ALL , who voted for us to make it happen for us, which resulted in us winning 2 yrs in a row on all the categories we were nominated it... bless you guys so much!.... Men I must say we are just getting warmed up.....yes there will be other people on the site and yes you will see us performing with other guys.....Keep rocking with us men and we promise to give you all we got and then some......Much LOVE to you all...Pito Savage and Rick Talons!

Almost forgot, couldn't let you go with out leaving you with a lil something.. from the one nut / one eyed bandit. ;)