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Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is really funny to me.

I have someone on my facebook friends list who I don't think I've ever spoken too past the first thanks for adding me whatever.  I have a lot of people on my list who I hardly ever speak too, as you all know we kinda went  crazy adding people when we first joined fb.  At any rate, I really dont pay a whole lot of attention to the dudes page unless he adds a pic or something.  But last week this caught my eye, I was saving it for another post - but with this topic so charged up I'll share this now....

"I'm really not racist so why don't I have more white people as friends on my facebook?
Help me out send me suggestions of some of your non black friends that will add me."
Now of course I'm not going to show this persons name, and at first seeing this I laughed to myself and instantly went to remove him from my list.  But then I got this thought, I really wish I was a professor or some shit so I'd know how to put this on a graph. 
Of course I don't know just how many have been added, but the number of wht people who have been added to this dudes friends list is too funny to me.  All I've seen the last week or so is several white men falling prey to this mans trap.
Now this is a good looking bruh and I'd really have to guess that the majority of the people who he's recently added he wouldn't even go outta his way to piss on if they were on fire, I imagine I'm also one of them....
I don't know this dude as I said, but I can't help but wonder how he does not see just how racist this statement is and how racist he comes off to the people who are actually smart enough to see this for what it is. 

I just have to share this, so many people caught up with race issues...

Not Black Enough !? SERIOUSLY !!??!!

.by Calvin Washington on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 1:01am.
Wasn't sure about posting this, but WTF !! If one more person...No, make that one more BLACK person whom I DON'T EVEN KNOW walks up to me & tells me I don't "...act black enough !" , I'm gonna possibly commit my first Homicide !! My Skin Tone & Facial features are Race Specific enough that, despite the diversity of my lineage, I can legitimately be called African-American, although, since I didn't immigrate , but was BORN HERE, I consider myself An AMERICAN ! But, back to the Point ! The way I Talk, Act, Think, Dress, Live, whatever IS the Way a Black Man Acts ! It is the Way THIS Particular Black Man, Mr. Calvin 'CMan' Washington, Acts !! And I am NOT on this planet to fit ANYBODY'S pre-determined definition regarding how to be Black, be Gay or anything else ! So, to those reading this, you need to Define me, Fine ! But if You don't like the Definition of ME ,then Hit the DELETE button, cause ya better know that I WILL and so Hard & Fast that you'll have the letter "D" permanently imprinted on your forehead !

( And I'd like to add that I'm not unaware of how this rant feeds into that Angry Black Man stereotype ! ;-)

Thanks for Backing us up Guys....

I tried to post these on FB, but of course they are too big.  I think it's better here anyway, hope you dont mind guys.

These are just a few comments that we are used to seeing from our friends | fans | followers.  I wanted to repost them because viewing/adding comments to this blog is a bit difficult at first for a lot of people - I really should work on this issure for you guys.  Anyway - This is luv, we feel if from you guys and you sure have it back.  Thanks for backing us on this issure and so many others.
Just to make it clear, these comments are in support of Pito's post about disrespect...

We luv ya Pito & Rick

Hi Pito and Rick: As you know, that guy is so narrow-minded on so many levels that I won't go into each issue specifically, it's too overwhelming. If he wants to know why he "can't keep a black man", (or any man for that matter), all he needs to do is to go back and read almost every word he wrote there. The answers are right there in his questions. He's got himself "on lockdown" in so many different ways. I hope he can make the many changes he needs to make to be happy, because everyone deserves love and happiness. But they have to realize that they are often getting in their own way of finding it. Peace,

Rick and Pito, Don't let the perspective of some assholes out there get to you. That dude is an example of many that are shallow minded and feels as though whatever his personal preferences are should be ours. FUCK THEM ALL!!! I only know you guys online but I LOVE what I see and am happy for your relationship. Most people (gay & straight relationships) can only wish/dream to have what you have. When I get the disrespectful type and it's someone who don't know me - I just delete them from my world. No need to go back and forth and explain who I am because from their comment - they wouldn't understand my point of view anyway. Or he/she can be one of those lonely, messy, drama filled persons out there that don't know how to get the attention that they need in a positive way.

Musiq - Dontchange

This is How We Roll

Friday, October 15, 2010

Prime example of being Disrespectful!!!!!

Men, I recieved a mesaage on facebook from a dude that totally flat out disrespected me and my man...... Rick made a post earlier about people puttting him downand saying things like he's lucky to have me etc......  Look let me clear the air right here right now , we are blessed to have each other, neither one of us is "lucky". People think that cause i'm a pretty big guy and Rick is not as big, that he's not good enough for me. WRONG ANSWER!!!!, DONOT DISRESPECT, what we  have.  We don't mess with no one elses relationship, please fall back on ours.......Here is just a little example of  what we just experienced and I back my man on his feeling towards this certain issue.......This one paticular dude said Rick was very lucky to have me and this is what i replied and his reply there after that :

"I appreciate the compliment but I'm the one who is very lucky. No he's not as big as me but  his heart is enormous. You'll nail your dude he out there"..........and his relply to me was:
"Why are u the lucky one? Maybe, I need to hear from you the three top attributes that make him the one? Because I don't see it. Heart is great, but there must be something else. I know plenty of amazing guys with heart, but if I cant look you it's not going to work. If you not as big as me it wont work either. So, I really want to know from your perspective. I want to learn how to keep a big strong black man. You'd think that I'd know, since Im one myself. But, I must be missing something because all the white boys got us on lock down while the brother struggle with one another LOL...

So please educate me briefly. You say that you are the lucky one. What are the top three attributes that make you say that with such briasen conviction?
I think this is pure ignorance and minute minded people.  Men do us a favor if you have a comment about either one of us  by all means say it , but do not disrespect the relationship we have with each other putting the other down cause that's not your type of man, or whatever!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Color Purple 1985 (Tata Vega - Miss Celie's Blues)

For Robert and Delanna...........

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rest In Peace Robert...

As I said on facebook last night, this week has been one of the hardest that Pito and I have had to deal with.
P has had a lot and I mean a lot of paper work to finish before he could get out of the Army - so that has been going on.  And of course Robert has been in our prayers for weeks now.  The last visit with him was one of the roughest on Pito and I. 

We need time to get ourselves together before we/I can write a good post, for now.

Robert passed away last night (10/09/2010) around midnight  or so. 

I have a lot to say about Robert and what he ment to Pito and I as well as his friends and co-workers - but not now.

I will say, Chris - you were the best to Robert.

and Shawn - man I really can't tell you how much respect and how much I admire you!  ( you see Shawn was Roberts boss - Shawn worked Roberts hours for him and continued to pay Robert)  I'm so thankful that Robert had a boss as great as you man.  Kudos Shawn and we luv you for it!

this candle i took off the web, it's royality free and i posted it for robert at the bottom of our blog.  it will remain there for him. 

We Love You Robert and know You are in a Better Place!

Pito and Rick