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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finally! Pito's Video

Finally Men, We've been able to get the video to work properly on the web site.  For "Now" Men, please view in internet explorer  and have windows media player installed on your pc, and press play button (  yes Bill Durham, and many others - I still have to enable the site for other browsers - coming real soon guys - I have not forgot you)  I was really stumbling over getting this video in good quality and actually to play in a media player. 

This Is It!

From here on out guys, we will uploading HD Videos to the site.  We will we doing this on the Home Page (ex. video playing now) (with video preview selection on the side where the "film strip" appears) as well as on the video page its' self.  I'm kicking around the idea of a file in high quality as well as med quality, perhaps High and Med for Quicktime - not sure.  (thats a lot of hours sitting in front of PC for conversion)  This will depend on you guys mostly - if you need that many versions so that one may play on your PC then so be it.  Yes IPod video is also coming at the same time.  Of course We will also make avialiable for download for your hard drive and perhaps DVD's.  That's It!  You guys gotta help me out, I can't make a video in every quality, for every player, for internet explorer - google, so on, for every kind of PC (Yes MAC users, I feel your pain and I will work on it - but it wont be first on the list)  Hopefully We'll find something that we all can work with.

On for the Bad news, the site is going into "Membership Only" either on Valentines Day or March 1st.  We are kicking around a lot of membership ideas for you guys including a free membership program.  We will use a poll on the site similiar to the one we have now on and will go with a couple of the most requested options. 

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