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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Rick's Quickie.

First I wanna thank my man for another Great Year and for putting up with me.  My life as never been better and I've never happier (as pointed out by so many people lately - thx for that).  I love ya man and I'm yours even in Death Boo Boo.

Second it is our buddies Birthday Today.  A Big Shout Out to Jerry!  You're a hot fucking Man buddy!

And Finally but certainly not least!  Really wanna thank All our Facebook Freinds for all the great comments on our anniversary!  We got so many messages it was off the hook.

Rick & Pito

Friday, May 21, 2010


First and foremost I want to wish my Husband Rick a Happy Anniversary. Babe I love you so much, we have shared some hard times, some rough moments and challenging times but our love for each other out weighs it ALL! You are truly my bestfriend and the best thing that has come into my life, since my children were born.  I could never imagine life without you and I am so glad that I have you in my life.

To all of our friends and fans who show us so much love on our day and everday.  We luv you guys, from the bottom our hearts.

Pito and Rick

Pito Savage & Rick Talons

Enough Said, Any Questions?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rick Talons - My Opinion on the Haters

I wanna take a min here to second Mr. Savage's post on the Haters.  I agree with everything My Man has to say and I have a few extra things I'd like to include in that post, but they are really not appropriate for even here.

Even with all the crap that went down with both our profiles being deleted and all (you guys really tried),  But we are still here and Are Not Going Anywhere!  

It's really simple -  if you don't like it, go on to the next Blog or Friends List.

Rick Talons - (Persoanl Opinion)

STM - "Public Service Announcement addressing the HATERS!!!"

Yesterday we experienced some real bullshit with some people on facebook.  I post a comment about how my man punched my hole damn good, and a couple of dickheads, wanna hate talking bout we dont' need to post shit like that, well you know what, to hell with you!!(LOL), we can say what ever we I said on facebook, if you dont wanna read me or my man shit don't ignore it, just take me off your list and keep it moving bitches.  This is how Pito and Rick gets down.  I hate it when somebody always got something to say, if you ain't got nothing nice to say, DON'T SAY A MUTHA FUKIN THING!   Don't  add a gay man to your shit that you don't know from adam and not expect him to say some gay shit on his wall....All that shit was childish and petty ......we can be the coolest, most down to earth  dudes you could ever meet, but were not gonna put up with people knocking what we say and how we feel about our sexuality towards each other..... WE donot have time for dumbshit, but the real men that we are it was only right to apologize to the dudes who had parents or grandparents on there page, and seen my post. We don't want any disrespect intended towards them.....brothers, sisters, co-workers etc....fuk ya'll eat a dick, you either like us or you don't we  gives a rats ass(lol).....we keeps it real to the fullest and we say what we please! when we want, we see no harm in that....if I wanna express how much I love my man in my own way so be it Damnit!!!.....some of these dudes can't handle  real men and there tounges , so if that's you , Mr. Savage & Mr. Talons are definately not your cup of tea............

STM - Jerry

We just wanna take a min to mention this Fine Motha Fucker!  His name is Jerry and we have Big plans for his Ass in the Future.  That's all we gonna say about this right now, Except - "Get Ready Jerry"!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mr. Rick Talons

Mr. Rick Talons

{My Stallion}

 The best man a man could ever wish and hope for!!!!, I Love You ...Boo!!

Pito Savage

Physical therapy

Physical therapy this morning really wasnt what i expected it to be but i guess it does it's purpose.....i have two therapist and i'll leave there names out but the male is way softer than the female....the female usually woops my ass , so you know the nite before im praying i have the male for therapist the following day.  Of those of you that don't know i just recently had my second back surgery...needless to say it didn't do a thing for me but i'm gonna drive on....i have rick to keep on pushing me to do the right thing in the gym and not over do it to have a set back....WE DO NOT NEED THAT!!!!!......

Pito Savage

STM - V cliffhangers

I loved this show since they came out with the first one back in the 80's....this  new show is the shit, but i hate when they leave me wondering what the fuck is gonna happen next.... now I have no problem waitng every tues at 10 for the show but dont leave me wondering, on the first season finale.. WTF!!....ughhhhhhhh!!!!!, V fans stand up!!!
Pito Savage

STM - Duncan Baumbach

SavageTalonsMedia wants to introduce you to the Master of Graphic Design.  Duncan Baumbach - not only is this fucker talented as hell, he's a big perv just like us, and he's so damn cute.
Needless to say, We will be making a trip to Amsterdam to give a big hug and maybe a few licks.
We luv ya Man!
Pito & Rick

STM - FaceBook

Wanna take a min to talk about facebook.  When my man suggested we get a facebook account I really wasn't all that into the idea.  But we both put up profiles and after a week or so my friends list had gottten as high as 300 - In Less Than a Week.  We have met some really great contacts though facebook, in fact thats where we found our graphic designer Duncan Baumbauch.  Also We have gotten aquainted with a few guys that I have jacked off to for
But this is what this post is about.  One day just sitting here looking though the profiles and I decided to request Dimi Dimitriades.  This is the response I got -

"Dimi Dimitriades Thanks for the friend request Rick!
When can we shoot you guys for Paragon Men?

Welcome to Paragon Men - The Hottest Men on Earth
Needless to say we are very Honored that they asked us!  When ever you are ready Dimi, we are down!
We also need to share a response from someone who I never expected such enthusiam - This came from Mr. Damien Holt.
"P.S. you guys look super hot together and the site looks amazing!! Hope you guys have a great week!!

Obviously there is a bit more to this email, but we keeping that on the DL for now.
Thanks Dimi and Damien for your messages!  We look forward to getting to know you both better.
Rick & Pito

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mr. Pito Savage

This is my man Pito,


Yeah, he can be as mean as he looks.
But twice as loving.  I don't know how I was blessed with such a great man, but I thank God Everyday!

         Rick Talons

This Man is on Fire!


Damien Holt

Edwin Rough-Rider Williams-Johnson

They say a Picture says a 1000 words.  This one makes me Speachless

Sunday, May 16, 2010

We Are Doing The Damn Thing

We are Getting this Baby on his Feet finally. 

For those of you who have not heard, SavageTalonsMedia is attempting to do things a little different from some of the well known Sites.
If you're looking for the pretty sets and the hot perfect bodies - Then you'd better move on. 
We are here to promote the everyday man.
Real Men, Real Sex, Real Deal is what you will find here. 

Our Site will have plenty of free content (pics, clips, etc)  for all viewers as well as a members section were we plan to get Really Dirty.

We are finally ready to anounce that by the end of the summer SavageTalonsMedia (STM) will have the first Video avaiable.  This one will be mainly us, although we might have a little something extra.  We plan to offer this for viewing on the Site as well as DVD ( We might even let ya Download it for those of you who can't wait!)
Also, We will be doing a casting call for a Second Film sometime this summer.  We are looking for the Inshape, Masculine, Stocky, Muscluar Men who's looks are not cut out of Cheese.  We'll have more on our Site later.

We have found some great talent for both behind the sceens as well as in front of the camera so that we can bring You WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE!

We appreciate your patience and all your support.
Pito Savage & Rick Talons