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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Much Overdue Public Apology to Joe Villanova

This is a hard post for me because I"ve always had a hard time admitting when I was Wrong.
Several months ago, I was trying hard to keep the Valentines Deadline I had set for myself (as you know I didn't make it).  The circumstances about all this are really moot, but needless to say one night at 2am I was desperately trying to get the video on line.  It was not going well and then while I was uploading someone called attention to a comment made on one of our post from Joe.  All caps and (at that time seemed) was demanding pics of Pito and I fucking.  When I went to look at his comment it had fucked up my download and had to be started all over, and I just went off.

Now the wrong thing about this is, I went off on Joe on his Own facebook wall for his comment.  I really wish I had thought about it first or even realize who Joe was at the time because looking back and knowing Joe like we did, I feel sure he was only playing with us (he is known for being a clown).  Now I'm not saying I"m sorry just because I realize it was Joe - what I did had no excuse not matter who posted the comment.  But knowing him as Pito and I did I am very sorry to him and even though I do feel he was joking (now) my post on his wall was at best - Very Uncalled for. 

I realize the trust is broken and I do not expect this to change anything.  But here it is.

Joe I am very sorry for disrespecting your page and even you, no matter if the comment was made as a joke or not my reaction was wrong.  I wish you all the best man.

Rick Talons

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here's The Deal

Gentlemen, here's the scoop. You all know Pito and I have been going back and forth for a while now on this site. We not shutting down, but we are stopping until Aug. No New Film release during the summer. We don't know what we will do in Aug, if we do anything. This site has been a huge disappoint for us and one hell of a money pit. We have a good brand and a good concept - but we just don't know how to market it. Would like to bring someone on board who could help out with this, but we are not going to put any more of our personal moneys into this so if someone wants to partner up it will only be for a presentage of future gain.

I know you guys think this site is going place and we making moneys hand over fist. That's not the case men, we have put out thousands on this - we own everything from trademarks to equiptment, but we've lost our drive or motivation.

Guys, listen. Pito and I as a couple are strong and fine man no danger there. we've been back and forth over this site for months though it's causing too much strain on us personally and money wise we've dumped our life savings into this for nothing we broke man lol, it's over I believe - I'm not even going to finish editing the footage we have.

You guys have no idea just how many times I have sat here thinking about deleting this blog and all traces of the website from the net.  I'm pretty sure it coming

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pool Side

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pito in Chains

I know you guys are tired of waiting, here's is just a small sneak peak at what we are releasing soon

More Previews coming and release in a couple weeks, taking my time with this one.

Video is gonna be Fire!

Official Notice!

We will be making some changes to the Website. STM's Free Members Area will be Removed within the next 30 Days.