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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas - Bah Humbug

This is not the post I have been planning in my head for the last couple of weeks to write, but unfortunately this is it - I'm not feeling Christmas this year.

Let me start of by saying I'm a big kid at heart.  Growing up we always had the whole family at my Grandparents house, big tree, table trimmed, and food and cookies that had been baking for days a head of time.  Christmas to me (like most kids) was the best time of the year.  In many ways it still is to me, I spend months a head of time thinking about how I want the tree this year, what lights I wanna hang outside and where - I like to do it big.

This year as been a rollercoster from hell as far as we had no idea when the Army was gonna to or if they were even going to let him out.  Everything in our life was put on hold waiting on this one event.  Pito was wanting to see his kids last summer so badly and wasn't able to due to many reasons but mainly the fuckin' army was the biggest hold up.  Then all of a sudden in Oct. it happened, he got the papers giving him a release date and from then on everything has been crazy trying to get moved to Florida for 2 very big reasons: 

1st) We had to get these Kids and their Daddy together and now only have 2 months to pack a house, move the stuff, unpack and then gear up for Christmas.

2ed) As you all know, we couldn't do Porn and be that sucessful in a Back Water place like Indiana.  We already had some contacts here and really feel that Florida is the place for STM to grow into whatever it is to become. 

Well believe it or not the house is on point for the visit with the kids.  The Entry Way alone even does myself proud, it's like walking into a winter wonder land complete with a life size Santa to great you.  We have a 9ft. tree in the family room with a 14inch angel on top.  Each of the kid's room is customized for them, the girl has all new pink and purple bedding with shames and all that crap - and of course a little 3ft pink tree decorated by Pito and I.  The 2 smaller boys' room has a little blue 3ft tree with my favorite Pooh Bear Orinments on it, each bed is decked out one with Spongebob and the other with Spiderman.  The oldest boys' room is the shit, we hooked this little bruh up with some pleated burgundy bed clothes that would make even the biggest player - a hater.  His tree is a 3 or 4ft green pine decked out with pine cones and burgundy orinments.  Each tree is matched with some old fashion paper garland that Pito and I both made to match each room.
We even purchased a 7ft tree and some none breakable orinments so the kids would have their own tree to decorate.  Of course there are lots of other decorations through out the house and the outside has lights all over the shrubs as well as the entire roof is lined with icicle lights.  The whole place really is quite nice even if I do say so myself.  I don't know how we pulled it all off.

Now for the Shit....

The entire time Pito was still in the Army his ex wife kept trying to get him kicked out for being Gay.  This Cunt had went to P's Commander, Generals, and anyone else she thought would listen to her.  Fortunately She had lost all credibility previously with some shit she tried to start with Pito over some inventory or some shit, Pito pulled out the Doc. to prove his side and that was it - NO ONE LISTENED TO HER AGAIN.  But we still had to be careful, we couldn't give her proof - otherwise that would be it, P would be kicked out of Army and a 14 year career would have been for not.  So, Pito's visits with the kids up unitl now had to be very careful and planned out really well.

Since Pito's been out of the Army he's come out to everyone and has been very surprised by the response from most, his mother's was the best so far though.  He called her during dinner with this speach all planned out, after he got it out her reply was something like this, "Is that it, I've been knowing that.  Now can I get off the phone and finish eating?"  LOL  So needless to say his coming out has been a little bit easier than he had expected and a lot easier than most of us have/had/or will experience.

Now, I've spent the last 4 years listening to P talk to these kids on the phone, looking at most recent pictures.  I'm familiar with their likes and dislikes, and whatever the favorite toy of the month is.  I'm even pretty good at picking out gifts for them that they usually like.  I know that means squat in their eyes, they don't know me from Adam and all they have heard is all this neg shit about their Daddy and some dude that stole him from them.  So obviously I knew the first visit might be a little rough.

First off for those of you who do not know, Pito has 4 really beautiful kids.  I know I'm supposed to say they are pretty kids, but they really are.  I wont tell you the names but you can follow along with this.  We have boy A, he's the oldest - seems like a cool little bruh, level headed and real.  Then the Girl, she is really pretty with her own hair that goes well past her shoulders.  Then we have boy B, another cool little dude who is easily distracted but isn't bothered by much.  And last but not least, boy C.  Shy as hell at first but once he starts talking he don't stop, and just so damn cute.  The ages run from 12 to 4.

When Pito picked the kids up and was waiting for the plane to come back to Orlando, I guess he told his kids - all the kids, that he had a partner.  I'm pretty sure the younger 2 really don't understand what all is involved with that, but we all know the older 2 have a pretty decent grasp of the situtation. 

Like I said, I knew meeting these kids was gonna be rough - but I was ready.  Well, I don't know if it was the actual man standing in front of them or the fact I was white.  The Girl was the first one in the door with Boy A behind her, she took one  glance at me and then looked away - boy A just stood there, I'm not sure if he was sizing me up or just in shock ( I think a bit of both).  Pito introduced us, I said hi and they just stood there with this dumb look on their faces.  Finally (prompted by P) they said hi.  The girl went looking out the window and the boy smiled at me.  Then came the other 2, boy B stoped in his tracts at me and boy C really did drop his jaw open.  (LOL, it was cute now that I think about it).  Boy B was introduced to me, said hi and got over it just that quick.  Boy C was shy at first but by the second day and the second cheese sandwich that it took me to get it right for him (LOL) he started to warm up some.

I thought on the second day I had actually got the girl to like me for about 10 seconds.  We all made sugar cookies together, they made a mess like I've never seen before and they seemed to have had the best time.  Now mind you this is actually the fist full day with the kids, and there has already been drama.  Seems the Bitch was concerned about where everyone would be sleeping - she started this a couple weeks before, but got on it really hard the the first night they were here.  Seems she wanted boy A to sleep on the floor in the room with boys B and C, claiming they might wake in the middle of the night and get scared.  P checked with the kids and no one wanted to move and B and C said they were fine.  Ok, Pito and boy A played video games all night in his room. Pito fell asleep on top of the covers - fully dressed while the boy slept under the covers.  Of corse the cunt started screaming about laws and yadda yadda yadda - like P gonna molest his kids or some shit.. 

You guys trackin so far, see where this is going?

Ok, so all the kids now have new Bikes to ride and are having a blast.  We had a nice dinner together at the table and so on, cool.  Pito slept on the couch to avoid drama of:  a) sleeping with boy A and  b) sleeping in the room with me.  So why was the Girl texting her Mamma all day talking about her Pvts. hurting?  Did she say shit to her Daddy?  No, she just made out like her cooch hurt.  Hmmmm....

So the Cunt insisted that P rush the girl to the hospital right away for inspection.  This is Day Damn 2!  Of course the Dr. said she was fine and that it was from the bicycle.  Even after insisting that Pito hand the phone to the Dr. so that she can speak to him directly - she (the bitch ex wife) is still acting  stupid.

I've been in my/our Room since last night.  I'm done with this.  I've hung with Pito though a lot of shit, medical and everyday of hearing about this bitch and her drama over the kids.  We've jumped though hoops for years to get these kids what they need and it's all been about them, for what.  So some little Girl can say someone touched her because her Mamma can't get her boys to tell the lie?  Naw, I don't need none of that.  At the advice of our Laywer - I'm not getting a Hotel to stay in during the rest of this Christmas Visit like I really want and feel I should do, but in stead I will be held up in our room until this is over.

Merry Christmas........

Monday, December 6, 2010

Pito and His Camera Phoone

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Really? Why Bother?

I hate to repost pics from another site, but stumbled across this today.  Do my eyes decieve me or is this Cock Double Condom(ed)?  If you that scary, should you really be having sex together?

Personally I think they should have wore one of those Body Comdoms you see that the gag gift shops. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Hey Guys, I know you wondering what the fuck is going on with us.  Well we are taking a break and re-grouping.  As some of you might have noticed, the pressure got to us with all we had going on.  The site did take a back seat for a moment.  At the current time we are making no  official projection dates on when things will be up and running.  But I will say, we say the break has done us good and really given us some great ideas on where we wanna take this. 

We are amaized on how many hits the blog and site are getting right now and I wish I could thank each and everyone of you personally for haning in there with us.  IT WONT BE MUCH LONGER BOYS!!!

Until then, I just had to repost something from our buddy who runs thegayte-keeper.  This is an awesome post and I have to say I might be a bit jealous that I didn't think of it first!



Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Movers Are Gone!

The Movers have cum and gone - Pito and I are sitting in an empty house.  We kept an old Queen size bed for us to sleep on, I have my PC and Pito has a Brand New Lap Top that he is playing with at this very moment.  We have an old TV that's picture is so dark and green its really hard to see, a small space heater and of course the cat and dog are all camped out in one little room in the house.  We have 2 more days here in Indy before we are heading to the Orlando area - and not a moment too soon, we had our first snow fall today ( I was really happy to see it snow before we left, I think it's pretty and gonna miss it).

At any rate we are finally on our way to Florida and closer to making this all happen.  Things are Getting Better and on that note I wanna show luv to C'Man for his contribution to the It Get Better Compaign.  As you know Pito and I are big fans of C'Man's work and hope you check out his blog for some Hot Drawings!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Suicide : I Have A Story

As most of you remember, Oct. 20, 2010 was  In memory of the recent suicides due to anti-gay bullying.  A lot of us changed our Photo for the day to Purple and that was it - sad to say that's all I've done to contribute to the cause.  A few days later I stumbled across this from a guy on facebook - Del'Antonio Knucklehead James  .  I have to say, I don't know this dude personally but I do have his premission to share this video in hopes that it may help just one person.  He tells me he has more videos but in the madness that has been our lives lately I haven't or to be more honest haven't taken the time to look at any others.  But this Video really got me and I wish this or something like this had been around when I was growing up. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pito's Pulled a Rabbit Outta the Hat.

Thank you for all your good thoughts guys.

As some of you might have guessed, the past few months have really taken it's toll on us.  I hung in as long as I could, but the past few weeks I just didn't have any fight left in me.  But Pito wouldn't stop until he found us a nice house.

Today was a very good day all the way around.  Pito just would not take no for an answer and long after I had given up - He found Us a House.

Here's a couple quick shots of the place - yes I edited the house numbers.  LOL

I can't wait to fuck out here!!!

Asking You All.......

Depending on your beliefs; Pray, Think Good Thoughts, or Send some Good Energy Pito's way.

The stress has been aweful on him the past several months and even though many things have cleared up for him, he still has a long road. I know this ruff patch has been hard on him and he's wearing down from the pressure. I've been beat for weeks, so I'm little to no help spiritly...

Rick Talons

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Anti-Gay Bullying

October 20, 2010: In memory of the recent suicides due to anti-gay bullying, wear purple.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is really funny to me.

I have someone on my facebook friends list who I don't think I've ever spoken too past the first thanks for adding me whatever.  I have a lot of people on my list who I hardly ever speak too, as you all know we kinda went  crazy adding people when we first joined fb.  At any rate, I really dont pay a whole lot of attention to the dudes page unless he adds a pic or something.  But last week this caught my eye, I was saving it for another post - but with this topic so charged up I'll share this now....

"I'm really not racist so why don't I have more white people as friends on my facebook?
Help me out send me suggestions of some of your non black friends that will add me."
Now of course I'm not going to show this persons name, and at first seeing this I laughed to myself and instantly went to remove him from my list.  But then I got this thought, I really wish I was a professor or some shit so I'd know how to put this on a graph. 
Of course I don't know just how many have been added, but the number of wht people who have been added to this dudes friends list is too funny to me.  All I've seen the last week or so is several white men falling prey to this mans trap.
Now this is a good looking bruh and I'd really have to guess that the majority of the people who he's recently added he wouldn't even go outta his way to piss on if they were on fire, I imagine I'm also one of them....
I don't know this dude as I said, but I can't help but wonder how he does not see just how racist this statement is and how racist he comes off to the people who are actually smart enough to see this for what it is. 

I just have to share this, so many people caught up with race issues...

Not Black Enough !? SERIOUSLY !!??!!

.by Calvin Washington on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 1:01am.
Wasn't sure about posting this, but WTF !! If one more person...No, make that one more BLACK person whom I DON'T EVEN KNOW walks up to me & tells me I don't "...act black enough !" , I'm gonna possibly commit my first Homicide !! My Skin Tone & Facial features are Race Specific enough that, despite the diversity of my lineage, I can legitimately be called African-American, although, since I didn't immigrate , but was BORN HERE, I consider myself An AMERICAN ! But, back to the Point ! The way I Talk, Act, Think, Dress, Live, whatever IS the Way a Black Man Acts ! It is the Way THIS Particular Black Man, Mr. Calvin 'CMan' Washington, Acts !! And I am NOT on this planet to fit ANYBODY'S pre-determined definition regarding how to be Black, be Gay or anything else ! So, to those reading this, you need to Define me, Fine ! But if You don't like the Definition of ME ,then Hit the DELETE button, cause ya better know that I WILL and so Hard & Fast that you'll have the letter "D" permanently imprinted on your forehead !

( And I'd like to add that I'm not unaware of how this rant feeds into that Angry Black Man stereotype ! ;-)

Thanks for Backing us up Guys....

I tried to post these on FB, but of course they are too big.  I think it's better here anyway, hope you dont mind guys.

These are just a few comments that we are used to seeing from our friends | fans | followers.  I wanted to repost them because viewing/adding comments to this blog is a bit difficult at first for a lot of people - I really should work on this issure for you guys.  Anyway - This is luv, we feel if from you guys and you sure have it back.  Thanks for backing us on this issure and so many others.
Just to make it clear, these comments are in support of Pito's post about disrespect...

We luv ya Pito & Rick

Hi Pito and Rick: As you know, that guy is so narrow-minded on so many levels that I won't go into each issue specifically, it's too overwhelming. If he wants to know why he "can't keep a black man", (or any man for that matter), all he needs to do is to go back and read almost every word he wrote there. The answers are right there in his questions. He's got himself "on lockdown" in so many different ways. I hope he can make the many changes he needs to make to be happy, because everyone deserves love and happiness. But they have to realize that they are often getting in their own way of finding it. Peace,

Rick and Pito, Don't let the perspective of some assholes out there get to you. That dude is an example of many that are shallow minded and feels as though whatever his personal preferences are should be ours. FUCK THEM ALL!!! I only know you guys online but I LOVE what I see and am happy for your relationship. Most people (gay & straight relationships) can only wish/dream to have what you have. When I get the disrespectful type and it's someone who don't know me - I just delete them from my world. No need to go back and forth and explain who I am because from their comment - they wouldn't understand my point of view anyway. Or he/she can be one of those lonely, messy, drama filled persons out there that don't know how to get the attention that they need in a positive way.

Musiq - Dontchange

This is How We Roll

Friday, October 15, 2010

Prime example of being Disrespectful!!!!!

Men, I recieved a mesaage on facebook from a dude that totally flat out disrespected me and my man...... Rick made a post earlier about people puttting him downand saying things like he's lucky to have me etc......  Look let me clear the air right here right now , we are blessed to have each other, neither one of us is "lucky". People think that cause i'm a pretty big guy and Rick is not as big, that he's not good enough for me. WRONG ANSWER!!!!, DONOT DISRESPECT, what we  have.  We don't mess with no one elses relationship, please fall back on ours.......Here is just a little example of  what we just experienced and I back my man on his feeling towards this certain issue.......This one paticular dude said Rick was very lucky to have me and this is what i replied and his reply there after that :

"I appreciate the compliment but I'm the one who is very lucky. No he's not as big as me but  his heart is enormous. You'll nail your dude he out there"..........and his relply to me was:
"Why are u the lucky one? Maybe, I need to hear from you the three top attributes that make him the one? Because I don't see it. Heart is great, but there must be something else. I know plenty of amazing guys with heart, but if I cant look you it's not going to work. If you not as big as me it wont work either. So, I really want to know from your perspective. I want to learn how to keep a big strong black man. You'd think that I'd know, since Im one myself. But, I must be missing something because all the white boys got us on lock down while the brother struggle with one another LOL...

So please educate me briefly. You say that you are the lucky one. What are the top three attributes that make you say that with such briasen conviction?
I think this is pure ignorance and minute minded people.  Men do us a favor if you have a comment about either one of us  by all means say it , but do not disrespect the relationship we have with each other putting the other down cause that's not your type of man, or whatever!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Color Purple 1985 (Tata Vega - Miss Celie's Blues)

For Robert and Delanna...........

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rest In Peace Robert...

As I said on facebook last night, this week has been one of the hardest that Pito and I have had to deal with.
P has had a lot and I mean a lot of paper work to finish before he could get out of the Army - so that has been going on.  And of course Robert has been in our prayers for weeks now.  The last visit with him was one of the roughest on Pito and I. 

We need time to get ourselves together before we/I can write a good post, for now.

Robert passed away last night (10/09/2010) around midnight  or so. 

I have a lot to say about Robert and what he ment to Pito and I as well as his friends and co-workers - but not now.

I will say, Chris - you were the best to Robert.

and Shawn - man I really can't tell you how much respect and how much I admire you!  ( you see Shawn was Roberts boss - Shawn worked Roberts hours for him and continued to pay Robert)  I'm so thankful that Robert had a boss as great as you man.  Kudos Shawn and we luv you for it!

this candle i took off the web, it's royality free and i posted it for robert at the bottom of our blog.  it will remain there for him. 

We Love You Robert and know You are in a Better Place!

Pito and Rick

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Would You Still Want Me....

I have a Question for you to ask yourselves?   Do you let a credit score get in the way of love?  What is the Worth of a Man?  Is he Worth Less if his credit score is Below 450 - Even 350?  When did the Credit Score become more valiable than the human being?  It's bad enough to get denied a loan because of a low score - But to be denied a chance at Love. 

Let me tell ya boys, the dowry that came along with me when Pito took over was nothing to be proud of.

I used to have a good credit score...
2 years before I met Pito I bought a new car,
1 year before I met Pito I bought a house.
Car needs repairs, House needs remolded......

You think I'm hot and you want some....
Would You Still Want Me If I Were Broke?

We are all judged everyday by our looks (i.e. race, weight, package), jobs, but now a credit score? 

My personal Credit Score isn't any of your business, but I'm sure not living the life style of the Rich and Famous I'll tell ya that......

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Working Out the Bugs... But Until Then

Some of you may have noticed - and most likely before me.  lol
We are having some browser issues with viewing the video on the site, not sure what the problem.  Of course during building the site I preview it in different browser and all is fine, but then it gets uploaded it fucks up.  So if you don't wanna change browers to view the video I finally got the whole thing here on the blog for ya.


A lot going on this week - or at least since the last post.

First order of business is We want to thank Jamie Dennis Hogans aka KatBanditSmokey for his picture he did of Pito.  It's Very Flattering for someone to take the time to make a Work of Art like this for ya - Outta The Blue.

Thank You Very Much

Next Big thing this week to announce is the Web Site has been Re-built yet another time.  Now before you say, "Here we go again, They are never gonna get this fucking thing working!"

Well here's what happened.  You might remeber Fred, we mentioned him thinking that he was going to be able to make since out of the madness that I was so proud of.  Now Fred is a Great Guy - who is going to school Full time, work Part-time, has a man to take care of and still finds time to play on the side.  Needless to say he's very busy and we are very impatient when it comes to getting this baby boy walking.  So We went off to the computer store to buy some software.
I'm proud to say I have built 21 pages in about 4 days.  We will be ready soon!  I know, you tired of hearing that.  But hang on a little longer....

The Question Was - Does Pito Eat His Cum?

Click the Pic and Find Out - Oh, and Go A Head and Enter the Site  ;-)

This Is Just A Test Run Guys - It's Time You Get a Taste of What You've Been Waiting For!
We Luv Ya and Hope Ya Like...
Pito & Rick

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scene Shots

Thought you guys might like to see a few more scene shots from Pito jackin' in the woods.

Does Pito Eat His Own Cum?

You guys seen the clip, well at least part of it.  

You guys have been asking the question, "Does Pito Eat His Cum"? 

LOL, That seems to be the big question from you guys.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


We really wanna thank all our Friends and Fans for the support we have recieved.
We really have the best Fans...

We have had a lot of emails asking where I was in the last clip.  Well like I said, someone has to be behind the camera.  LOL

Thank You For All Your Request!
Here I Am

The whole Jack Off scene was done as a tribute for Our Dear Friend Robert with this as the final shot.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Say - It Is What It Is...

You wont hear those words outta me very often Men.  We have this nice 8 min clip for you guys all edited and pretty.  I finished the last touches at 7am this morning for you guys.  Now had I done my research I would have known that blogger only lets ya put up 100mb of video - let me tell ya, our 8 mins is a little bit over that.  LOL

We sure didn't wanna let you guys down...
So until we get this on xtube or something, We wanted to give ya the best part... 

Also Guys, We made a slight change in the Intro.  We think you'll like it...

We Really Wanna Thank
Graphic Designer, Duncan Baumbach for Once Again Jumping though hoops for Us..
This Dude is the Best!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Intro...

Here's a Taste of What We Got Going on...

Video By - Rick Talons
Music By - Pito Savage

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Editing Video - Just For Our Fans!

Whats good men. 

Just a quickie update here for you guys. 
I took this pic this morning of Pito, isn't he a beautiful site to see in the light of day...  Hehe

Yeah, I think he did just finish Pissing in the Sink...  LOL

And guess what guys, I'm editing a video right now of Pito jacking off in the woods. 

We fell into Sony's AVCHD Trap and had to purchase some new software -  this is Our first edit with this program, but it's coming along great.  We plan to premier this for You Guys this Weekend here on the Blog!  Get lube ready Men!

This is gonna be a Freebie for our Friends and Fans - you guys have waited a long time for us to get our shit together and you deserve it.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Never Before Seen...

Fresh pics are on the way, but first - here are some never before seen pics from one of our first shoots since the beginning of

pics by
Robert Lee Miller Photography

These are some of the fist pics that were taken of us last spring by our Best Friend Robert.  Robert is very special to us not only because his pics of us got us started but he is the first friend we ever made as a couple.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Didn't Forget You!

Good morning Men! 

First off, too all our fans,

Pito and I have not forgotten you, in fact We can honestly say that the fans, this blog, and the site are always on our minds.  We are constanly thinking about our next move and always passing ideas back and forth not only between each other but a few associates as well.  We know a lot of you are getting a little frustrated waiting for this site to come up - Trust Us Men, NO ONE WANTS THIS SHIT UP AND RUNNING MORE THAN WE DO.  LOL.  It is coming Guys, We still can't give you an exact launch date - but you wont be waiting much longer.

What is the hold up?

We've told you before that we were in a holding pattern.  Well here's what the hold up has been.  A very few of you might know that Pito is a Soldier in the US Military and we have been struggleing for over a year now to get him out.  We've taken quite a risk over the last year or two plastering his face all over the internet while still serving in the military.   He's only days away from the Official Orders for him to retire. We hear all your request for some video and here's when you can expect it.  As soon as he's officially out we will be putting up some clips on youtube and xtube for you guys to stroke your meat too.  It's just a matter of days or a couple weeks.

The Web Site?

Let me be the first to say to anyone who wants to start a web site - STACK YOUR CHANGE BOYS! 
I strongly suggest unless you are just a major computer geek that you find a kick ass Web Designer or get ready to pay!   We had to turn our mess (that I created) over to a little guy named Fred - Cross your fingers that he can figure out the mess that we are so proud to call our Baby Boy - SavageTalonsMedia. 


Yes!!!  We have been trying to move for a very long time now.  If all goes well we will be located in Florida before Halloween.  In the next couple weeks we are off to look for a house to rent in the Orlando/Kissimme area! 

Why there and not Ft. Lauderdale? 

Well, Pito is the proud father of 4 great kids and we are getting custody of at least 1 of his boys in the next couple of months.  Although we really enjoy it,  I'm not really sure that the party environment of Ft. Lauderdale is something that a 12 year old boy should see everyday.   


We read each and every comment that we recieve from you guys not only on here but facebook and all the emails.  You've been asking for New Post, New Pictures, Video.  We know some of you are frustrated - We Are Too!  The wait is almost over...

Pito & Rick

Monday, August 30, 2010

Gay Hanky Colors!!

OK! Men  I am a very observant and curious person when it comes to the different aspects of the gay culture, and time after time I have to ask Rick when we go out to a gay function  or leather store etc... and BUG THE SHIT outta him with a whole lotta "WHAT'S THAT"?, "WHAT DOES THAT MEAN"?, or "WHAT DO YOU USE THAT FOR"?...and times he tells me then there's times were he just says, "look it up P"....SO!, that's what I did and now I have found the actual meaning of the different color codes for "THE HANKIES".  Now I know i'm not the only one out there that is curious and wanted to know so I thought i'd shed some light and share this with all and squash the curiosity of the knowing what the different hankies mean and  why they are used.......

The Hanky Code is a traditional form of signalling to others what your sexual preferences and interests are. Gay men used this code to communicate with each other in the noisy and distracting environment of gay bars. Although not as widely used these days, it is still a worthwhile resource and is, among those who know, a great conversation starter.
Now with that being said here they are:
Now! that you know the hanky colors.  The question is next time you go out to a bar how many different color hankies you have in the back of Your pocket or  pockets!!!!

Pito Savage

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rick Talons - I Quit!

The stress is building and I'm sorry to say I am buckling under the pressure.  The Hurry Up and Wait attitude we've been getting from the Military for over a year has held things up beyond belief!  We have so much going on and can't do a fucking thing until Pito gets to retire. 

We live in an area of a City which we just can't stand and have been dieing to move for over a year now.  We have been plagued with Baby Mama Drama since I can't remember which has put us at the beginning of what will no doubt be a very nasty custody case.

The Site it's self is very close to being done - as I know you all will be happy to hear, but we can't get anything off the drawing board as far as filming.  It has proven impossiable to find anyone around here to hold the camera on Pito and I - so showing videos of us fucking is out of the question right now.  Along with not being able to get a camera crew together, finding talent for in front of the camera has become even a bigger chore.  We thought we had a couple models lined up along the way but they have lives and something comes up where they can't follow though.  Of course many guys on facebook have offered to be in our videos, but many are too far away or just not what we are looking for.

Now the pressure of this site has been unreal!  Trying to build the fucking thing, the expense of camera's, computers, software, out sorcing graphic work in order to have a kick ass looking site, buying the domain, copyrite and trademarks.  We have a lot of change in this shit already and nothing coming in and no light at the end of the tunnel.  Along with crew issures this bitch has even determinded where we are going to relocate.  Now how fucked up is that?

Now I've been trying to say for months that I wasn't feeling this - please refer to my post on "Being the White Half" .  Those feelings have not changed and if anything gotten worse.  I'm a 44 year old White man who goes to the Gym - you can't throw a hand full of corn without hitting a dozen of us.  As D. said, "nothing special".

I want to forget the whole thing and lick our wounds, but I'm sure Pito wont feel the same.  So if he insist on pursuing I'll be happy to stay behind the sceens and run the shit.  (Another stereotype realized)  I gave up the facebook accout, but will put one up under my real name later on to keep up with a hand full of buds on there that I have made along the way. 

Pito will still be there so don't worry.  I personally believe facebook consumes way too much of his time, but he's always been our Public Relations man and he's very good at it.  And lets face it, he's the one 80% of you wanna see anyway.  Finally, to all you dudes who pay dozens complements to Pito on how sexy his man is - you ain't foolin' no one, if you thought I was hot you would have told me yourself (as many have - ty).

Rick Talons

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

STM Is Giving Models Choice

I really have been doing a lot of thinking since the last post about what kind of content we want to show or be known for.  Of course Pito and I personally are a BareBack couple, does that mean that we promote BB Sex?  Hell no, if anything We've always taken a stance towards Safer Sex especially with Anonymous Partners. 

I want to show a quote from the warning page of Ty Lattimore's Site,

"Some of the material within this website display sex without the use of condoms. TLE does not in anyway endorse the practice of unsafe/unprotected sex. The choice of sex without a condom is between you and your partner."

Now as many times as I personally have checked out Ty's site (and it's a hot one men!), I never noticed this at the bottom of his warning page until just the other day.  I don't know if Ty himself wrote this or his Laywer's, but I really like the last part.  (and i''m thinking we might wanna add something similiar)  As in life whether it be with a life partner, a hook up, a sceen partner on a porn set - We feel the choice to wear a condom should be between the consenting adults. 

I know there are a lot of people out there lieing about their status for whatever reason - I can't tell you how many people I know of today that are HIV+ that have public profiles that claim they are NEG.  They go around having unprotected sex with countless anonymous partners spreading God knows what to anyone they can.  I even found out the other day that there are blogs where people lie about their shit and keep tallys on how many they infect with this or that. 
Come on guys, where is the thinking? 

I will tell you right here and now, if I catch someone trying to give me or mine some shit - it's all over but digging the hole!  Notice how carefully I said that?  I once got in trouble for telling someone I was gonna "Snap Their Neck!"  LOL  Fucking Pussy's

In hope of avoiding people/models faking test results in order to work for our company we are going to use a Models Choice Poilcy.  We will require STD Testing not to discriminate but for the safety of others.  We don't care if you are POZ or NEG to film with us - but what we do care about is new infection rates of all STD's and HIV and that you are getting it taken care of.

We want our Models to feel comfortable and at home with us.  Everyone one has preferances and I'm sure we can't fill each and every request we do want to do our best. We want Chemistry on the set and we don't want people worried about who's got what and we sure don't want some snake crawling onto the set giving unwanted gifts. We are doing this in an attempt to match models by their preferance's, not only Top, Btm, Vers; but on preferances such as Condom or BB, Turn On's or Off's, Kink's, and Status Preferance!  After all, who wants to see a limp dick because the model isn't into it or scared.

There are a lot of Bugs to work out to this policy and we welcome any suggestions and comments from you  because to be quite frank - this is a big subject!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Strong Role Models

We have a few "Newbies" as fans and there are a few things that I think you should catch up on:

I wanna start by say thanks for all the comments that we have recieved not only here but especially on Facebook - (sorry, but you'd have to be on our friends list to view that).  I especially wanna thank those who are in the business and spoke so franky on the subject.  We had not one bad comment about our post, except from the model who's blog I quoted from.  I follow this blog close and have for long time, we had even asked for his advice on a few matters, but he didn't reply - but expected some sort of Loyality.  There are many in this business we have asked for help from and are Loyal to Those Who Are Loyal to Us.  He of course was very upset and even accused me of using him in some sort of way to promote our own agenda.  He was really childish when both Pito and I tried to talk to him about it, just so worried about our readers finding out who I was talking about.  I didn't quote my sorce for this post like I would have if I'd been writing a paper for school- Maybe I should have?  At any rate, rest assure man - many on facebook have tried to guess who we were speaking of and not a one mentioned your name, That's the God's Honest Truth.  LOL, Maybe you're not as famous as you thought you were?  At any rate, we have nothing but luv for this man's work and know his success will continue despite anything from the STM blog.

This is a hot issue and a lot of people have a lot to say about it.  We realize there are people who like to go to the bathhouses or circut paties and fuck them up raw and then go around talking shit about everyone else, that's just gay men and our society - porn star or business man.  But this hypocrisy is just crazy, the models are blaming the companys that they are working for and the companys are blaming society.  Personally I don't give a fuck if you go Bareback or you are Safe, I just want you to do it correctly and don't stand up and proclaim yourself a Strong Role Model  (of any color) when you're doing it wrong.  You should be setting the standards - not part of the problem.

Something I read the other day on a Blog was some talk about how some Black men would never bottom for someone outside their race.  This isn't the first time I've heard this, I've even had it said to my face.  I realize this is another hot topic issue and I'm not trying to get into all that too.  But I don't understand all this, if you follow our blog you will know that I was raised by My Grandparents.  Now we lived just 10 - 15 miles or so from the states KKK Headquarters.  Now believe this or not, I was not raised in a racist house at all.  My Grandfather was a History and Social Studies teacher as well as a BasketBall Coach in an Urban School 25 some miles away.  I've been around every color of the rainbow all my life and never been treated badly by anyone because of race - I guess being the Coaches Grandson was the reason?  I've dated every color of man I can find and One of my first Highschool Boyfriends was named Gerald (can you guess what color? lol) So long story short I never seen Racist Behavor in life until I moved to Indy some 14 years ago.  The first Bruh I ever had a problem with was named Darrell, the man hated my guts only because of my skin color.  It was really tough for me to understand, but we worked together for a few years and I finally got the just of his anger.  He never did grow to like me, but he respected me and that ment way more me.  I realize there are a lot of White people out there who still have a problem with not only Black, but every race.  But I'm bombarded almost daily by hatred - for what?  Why can't we take the color equassion out of all this, Gay life is hard enough without having to be split between ourselves.

 I brought all this up because the post that got me going the other day also spoke about this subject as well as Strong Black Role Models.  Well I want to introduce you to one who I not only feel is one hell of a Role Model, but the majority of the country will back me on that and I image you all will too.

Mr. Pito Savage
Pito grew up on the streets of the Bronx in what best I can tell a large and loving family.  They didn't have a lot of money and did what they had to to get by.  He started Stripping in the Clubs of NYC around the age of 16, Joined the Military at the age of 18.  He's served 15 years for his country, been over seas and though the years had hundreds of men serving under him.  He's had a brilliant military career and has the medals on the wall and in the cases to prove it.  Not only all this, but he is the Father of 4 great kids - never missed a birthday or a child support payment (that's all you need to know about that)

I met Pito at the end of his marriage, He hit me up one day on a hook up site with a profile without a picture.  Now I usually didn't even respond to those but for some reason that day I did.  We chatted for a bit and then he flooded my inbox full of pics.

I was always really amazed that Pito even hit me up, you see I was 6 months into knowing that I was HIV+.  Now at the time I was working at a Level 1 Trama Unit here in Indy.  It's one of 2 here in Indiana and also happens to be the County Hospital.  Now working in an Urban Hospital you are exposed to God knows what from God knows where, I've had it all splashed on me and then some.  Now Aug of 06 I had just passed HIV and an Everything test and was cool, I was also single and breaking a lot of rubbers and had a couple of regular FB who I may have gotten too comfortable with.  Dec. 27, 2006 I went to work and looked up the labs I had ran on my self before the holiday.  I sat in front of a PC Monitor and looked at my test results, this is how I found out I was Poz.  I waisted no time, grabed the first Doctor I could see and got me a script for Atripla.  4 days later I change my status on all my profiles and started making the calls to "friends" who should know.  I have never hid or lied about my status - and it's not always been easy.  I've been undectable and healty since April '07.  I've had people say all kinds of shit to me, very little of it worth repeating - but always stood my ground. Where am I going with this?

Pito knew I was HIV+ the moment he looked at my profile, in fact he says it was the honesty of the profile that attracted him.  I think it was the picture.
Pito and I dated for month before having sex but when we did have sex it was totally safe in everyway.  We actually sucked each others dicks with condoms on, we ate each other before anal sex, and of course fucked with rubbers.  During this time, Pito educated himself and I pointed him towards the right info on the net.  Now with the info he learned, some that I supplied him with, and a one on one convo with my Dr - Pito and I are totally Bareback couple and have been for over 3 years now.  In our bedroom cum not only flys on the walls but up the holes.  Pito was HIV- when we met and still is to this day, he has ate and had more of my cum up his bum than I can imagne.  This is the difference between knowing what you are doing and dealing with an Undectable HIV+ Male.  Education and taking care of yourself is the key to all this guys.  (Please check out our new link on Safer Sex.)

Oh, and that brings me to another thing.  Lucky for Me and You, Pito has been sucking dick since he is 13.  Not only does he eat ass and fuck it, but he bends over and takes it -   He dosen't care if it's a memeber of his own race or not.  He has no racial hang ups or this bull shit that so many are using about serving the white man.  This is A REAL MAN.


  or a
 Role Model for Us All!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who's Fault Is It?

We don't wanna use this blog to publicly bash someone or even influence our readers one way or another.  However I just have to say something personally to a post I read on someone's blog.  Now first I have to say both Pito and I are long time fans of this dude and give nothing but love for his work.  I personally read his blog weekly and he has indirectly taught us a lot about this business.  I'm not going to mention his name or his blog because I don't really wanna start anything with him, but I just have to comment on "just a bit" of his post.

"a HIV Poz model tried to use fake Test results to work" "My safety was put at risk by some model who wanted a pay check" "Did the model purposely try to Fake US out??" "Why am I putting myself at risk just to film a porno?" "Whose fault is it?"

Now first off, I have so many things I'd like to say to this dude face to face.  But for now, I'll just say this here and hope that he and a few others might learn from this:

I don't know this model personaly, but I've read his blog weekly for a hell of a long time.  He (indirectly) was the inspiration for us to start our site and do a little porn ourselves.  We have nothing but respect for the work of his that we've seen.  But for as long as I can remember, this model ( and a lot of other's) have been preaching about Condom's, Safe Sex, and HIV.  Now I'm all for education and stopping the spread of everything.  Yet I see pics with this guy pissing in mouths, cumming all over their faces, freshly shaved ass's, crotch - fucking cum just flung everywhere!  (Wow, I'm getting myself hot)  And he likes or lets the same shit done back to him.  I have never seen him suck or get sucked with a condom on and can't recall seeing very many pics with anyone giving or recieving head with a rubber on.  You see these btms get rimmed all day long both before and after at least one dick had "slam fucked" the hell outta them.  These models eat that shit like it's Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's, Is it safe to eat a tore up hole?  where's the Barrier?  And let's not forget people using rubber gloves to finger someone - and then eat their hole?

I'm really not getting this.  Piss, though it be sterile coming out - has the potential to infect you with a number of differnt things that no one wants.  I mean hell, you can't even go to a fast food place without having to worry about getting Hepatitus, why is it ok to drink piss at a party?  And the next time you wanna cum or want someone to cum on your face or ass remember that a pimple and/or a razor cut is an open sore just as your freshly fucked hole is that everyone wants to cum on or eat after they finger or fuck it. 

A couple years ago P and I decided to suck on this guys dick.  I bet together we sucked this dude for less than 5 mins, chemistry just wasn't there or something.  At any rate, it just so happened that I went on my scheduled check up a couple weeks later only to find out that this fucker had given me (later that day to find out, us) sysphillis.  Now we looked the dick over before we put our lips on it, the guy worked out, took care of himself, and during a short intro seemed cool enough.  I never would have guessed that we would end up getting sick from this fucker - and let me tell you boys THOSE FUCKING SHOTS HURT!

You claim and I'm sure you are to a point a Strong Black Role Model, Well if you're gonna preach "Safe Sex" - learn it first.  You are way old enough to know with all the people I've seen you preform with in Videos, read about you taking care of your "clients", and assume the people you have slept with becasue you liked them for one reason or anther - you've prob slept with a few poz people in your life.  It's all about safe sex right?  Also I encourage you and all our readers to learn your facts about HIV+ and especially Undectable HIV+.   In a lot of your post and with people I have spoken with through out the years, you seem to Isolate Poz  into some sort of group like they just nasty or something - maybe we should have all the HIV+ people put on some Secluded Island or something?   You are only falling Victim to and contributing to the problem.  No wonder the Model felt he had to lie, he was being discriminated against not only by a company he wanted to work for, other models, and a large part of society.  What he did was wrong, I'll admit that. 

But I have to ask, " Who's Fault Is It?" 

Well I challange You and Our readers to Really Educate youselves about not only HIV but all the other things out there.

Rick Talons

Monday, August 2, 2010

In The Beginning...

We though you guys might like to see some pics taken during our first year together.  As you can see they are well logo-ed with an old name, but we think you will like.