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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Do People Get Into Porn?

A couple of things have been said to me lately that are really starting to bother me, as you know Pito and I have really had a tough summer and a lot of my old insecurities and character flaws have really crept out lately that I'm really struggling with.  You long term fans are aware that I'm Bi polar and those of you who remember my post "Being the White Half" know that my childhood wasn't the best, growing up being teased and bullied by everyone in school along with a strick and domineering Grandfather, made for one hell of a mess out of me as a teenager and as a young adult.  I didn't know how to be around people, treat people, or even get along with people including my own family.   However, in time I was able to get though it and have become someone who is decent - kind and loving man, but lately I have really noticed myself slipping and when that happens it seems I become the most vulnerable tend to withdraw just as I did those all so many years ago as a child.  In other words I tend to run and hide when I'm hurt or just lash out at others for no apparent reason which has left me with a few regrets in life.  Some I have been able to make amends with and others that I have not either because the person is not willing or in one case isn't living any more, so I am constantly haunted by ghost.  But that isn't really the point of this post.

As you know Pito (and I supported him the best I could) went though a really long and nasty custody battle that was very taxing on us and lasted several months (we lost btw, Indiana is an awefully homophobic state for an openly gay male/couple to fight in) that just left us drained and it has taken a few months for us to get back to our old selves, but we are doing it and getting back on track nicely.  Neither one of us is fully back 100% though so somethings are going slower than we would like but we about ready to relaunch the site with some new videos and a slightly different concept so we are almost ready to go full steam again coming back stonger and better than ever.

All that being well and good, some of you guys may know that Pito and I spend a great deal of time on facebook either networking or just keeping up with some friends, but lately I've been noticing a lot of direct (usually pvt) and indirect comments about our choice in the career that we are in.  Now I'm not really sure if this is because of the stance that we take on certain issues or what exactly the cause is.  It's been said lately in our fan page that Porn Stars are simply a piece of meat and untouchable.   (Now I don't really think that too many people who really know and follow us feel this way about us, no one give as much time on facebook as we do chatting with people and out of all the blogs that I follow I have yet to find one who keeps it real and shares their real lives with you the way we do.)  I have read in pvt and public forums that is the Porn Stars fault for this sterotype because they chose to put themselves in this business. 

I'd like to take a mininate and ask you to look at your own life, ask yourself - are you doing what you want to in life or are you doing what you have to do and doing it the best that you can with the talents that you possess?  Too many times it's the later.  Growing up I always thought I'd be an artist, I used to be quiet the drawer (and I do have some old sketches around here somewhere that maybe one day I'll show you), but I grew up to spend the majority of my life in the Medical Field.  Now I had a pretty good career and for long time I enjoyed doing what I did, but after a while it takes a toll on ya - personally I've had a ring side seat to more sickness and death than anyone should be exposed too.  I simply couldn't do it any more, it seemed the more I gave to others who were sick and in need the less I had for myself.  Now in Pito's case, well as most of you know he was a real American Hero.  He had a very successful career in the Army and advanced a lot futher than most men his age ever thought about doing (he even surpassed his own Brother), but his job also took more out of him that it gave.  Now I wont pretend to speak for Pito but I know that his time in the service not only took a toll on him mentally but physically as well, you long time fans are aware that Pito has 5 sugerys in just the few years that I've known him - 2 of them were major back surgerys and the last one he almost didn't make it out of the operating room from - so it was time for him to retire and give up his long career in the military.

Are we doing what we chose to do, I'd have to say "Yes and No" - our fans dragged us into this so to speak.  We started out talking on just a few chat sites, I was and am pretty gifted with photoshop and Pito is quite the charmer so it seemed the more pics we put out the more people requested them.  We never thought up the idea of doing porn or owning our own site, the idea was presented to us over and over and it has just kind of evolved into what it is today.  Now we doing the damn thing to, no we are not Bobby Blake or Mr. Marcus - but we are well reconized all over for what we do (even in our little gym and the town we live in people know who we are), we take pride in what we do and we do it to the best of our ability.  We are constantly trying to make the next one better than the last to please our fans as well as ourselves.

So to answer the question, "Why did you get into porn?" We are doing what we have to do with the talents we have.  Now I must ask You.  "What is your reason for doing what you are doing?"

As always,
Thank for the Luv and Support from our Friends and Fans!
Rick Talons and Pito Savage

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sneak Peek of Pito in Shower