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Saturday, September 25, 2010


We really wanna thank all our Friends and Fans for the support we have recieved.
We really have the best Fans...

We have had a lot of emails asking where I was in the last clip.  Well like I said, someone has to be behind the camera.  LOL

Thank You For All Your Request!
Here I Am

The whole Jack Off scene was done as a tribute for Our Dear Friend Robert with this as the final shot.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Say - It Is What It Is...

You wont hear those words outta me very often Men.  We have this nice 8 min clip for you guys all edited and pretty.  I finished the last touches at 7am this morning for you guys.  Now had I done my research I would have known that blogger only lets ya put up 100mb of video - let me tell ya, our 8 mins is a little bit over that.  LOL

We sure didn't wanna let you guys down...
So until we get this on xtube or something, We wanted to give ya the best part... 

Also Guys, We made a slight change in the Intro.  We think you'll like it...

We Really Wanna Thank
Graphic Designer, Duncan Baumbach for Once Again Jumping though hoops for Us..
This Dude is the Best!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Intro...

Here's a Taste of What We Got Going on...

Video By - Rick Talons
Music By - Pito Savage

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Editing Video - Just For Our Fans!

Whats good men. 

Just a quickie update here for you guys. 
I took this pic this morning of Pito, isn't he a beautiful site to see in the light of day...  Hehe

Yeah, I think he did just finish Pissing in the Sink...  LOL

And guess what guys, I'm editing a video right now of Pito jacking off in the woods. 

We fell into Sony's AVCHD Trap and had to purchase some new software -  this is Our first edit with this program, but it's coming along great.  We plan to premier this for You Guys this Weekend here on the Blog!  Get lube ready Men!

This is gonna be a Freebie for our Friends and Fans - you guys have waited a long time for us to get our shit together and you deserve it.