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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Indy Pride '10

This was the Biggest Pride yet for Indianapolis.  Anyone and Everyone Showed Out!
Way to Show Your Pride Indy!


  1. My last Indy Pride was '92 - one week before I moved to Chicago. The day after I moved to Chicago I attended my first Chicago Gay Pride Parade! This year I plan on attending again on 6/27/10. Anticipated attendance: 1.5 million. Can you believe it?!

  2. That's some impressive numbers man. I haven't been to Chicago Pride in 4 years now. We were reallly hoping we were gonna be able to go this year but it isn't working out for us.
    Rick n Pito

  3. Maybe next year. I will definitely go this year if my job gives me the day off as I requested. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!