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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Music Endowment Council for kids Charity!

OK Guys, Listen UP!  This is very important!

We are not known for jumping on everyone else's bandwagon, but last week TheBigchocolate Thunder from asked if we would pose with T-shirts that he is selling in order to raise money for The Music Endowment Council for kids Charity.  First off, we can't express how honored we are that Thunder asked us to do this.  It was a pleasure, Thanks so much for asking Thunder. is run by a very hot NPC Bodybuilder by TheBigchocolate Thunder.   Sorry to break this to ya, but he's str8 - but don't let that stop you, he is Very Gay Friendly and Hot as Fuck.   But the eye candy alone on this site is worth the visit.

But thats not why we are here, it's all about the kids.

Go to and in the Muscle Dungeon section of the site you will find us - along with a lot of hot Men and Women!  We are all posing with SIRFLEXALOT T-Shirts.  First off, these are some really nice Shirts - Comfortable and Heavy!  And you wouldn't believe how many complements Pito got on this shirt the night he wore it out!  (I got to say, the man did not skimp on Quality on these Shirts!)  They are reasonable priced and he's got a lot of different colors. 

Here's the Best part - All proceeds go to The Music Endowment Council for kids Charity!  They are also taking Donations for those of you who wish to help without purchase. 

Here's a couple of the shots we did for them.

But you'll have to visit the site to see not only the rest of ours but many more hot pics!

Remember the Muscle Dungeon @

or click here!

Thanks Guys, Please help out anyway you can.

Pito Savage & Rick Talons

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