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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

STM Is Giving Models Choice

I really have been doing a lot of thinking since the last post about what kind of content we want to show or be known for.  Of course Pito and I personally are a BareBack couple, does that mean that we promote BB Sex?  Hell no, if anything We've always taken a stance towards Safer Sex especially with Anonymous Partners. 

I want to show a quote from the warning page of Ty Lattimore's Site,

"Some of the material within this website display sex without the use of condoms. TLE does not in anyway endorse the practice of unsafe/unprotected sex. The choice of sex without a condom is between you and your partner."

Now as many times as I personally have checked out Ty's site (and it's a hot one men!), I never noticed this at the bottom of his warning page until just the other day.  I don't know if Ty himself wrote this or his Laywer's, but I really like the last part.  (and i''m thinking we might wanna add something similiar)  As in life whether it be with a life partner, a hook up, a sceen partner on a porn set - We feel the choice to wear a condom should be between the consenting adults. 

I know there are a lot of people out there lieing about their status for whatever reason - I can't tell you how many people I know of today that are HIV+ that have public profiles that claim they are NEG.  They go around having unprotected sex with countless anonymous partners spreading God knows what to anyone they can.  I even found out the other day that there are blogs where people lie about their shit and keep tallys on how many they infect with this or that. 
Come on guys, where is the thinking? 

I will tell you right here and now, if I catch someone trying to give me or mine some shit - it's all over but digging the hole!  Notice how carefully I said that?  I once got in trouble for telling someone I was gonna "Snap Their Neck!"  LOL  Fucking Pussy's

In hope of avoiding people/models faking test results in order to work for our company we are going to use a Models Choice Poilcy.  We will require STD Testing not to discriminate but for the safety of others.  We don't care if you are POZ or NEG to film with us - but what we do care about is new infection rates of all STD's and HIV and that you are getting it taken care of.

We want our Models to feel comfortable and at home with us.  Everyone one has preferances and I'm sure we can't fill each and every request we do want to do our best. We want Chemistry on the set and we don't want people worried about who's got what and we sure don't want some snake crawling onto the set giving unwanted gifts. We are doing this in an attempt to match models by their preferance's, not only Top, Btm, Vers; but on preferances such as Condom or BB, Turn On's or Off's, Kink's, and Status Preferance!  After all, who wants to see a limp dick because the model isn't into it or scared.

There are a lot of Bugs to work out to this policy and we welcome any suggestions and comments from you  because to be quite frank - this is a big subject!


  1. Beautiful! I couldn't have said it better myself. As a former amateur porn producer it has always been my belief that filming porn is all about the chemistry. If the guys are turned on by each other, it will come through. You, as the cameraman, will be aroused, and so will the viewer.

    Before we filmed anything, I always met with the guys first. They would fill out a questionnaire with their likes/dislikes and what their "ideal" sex partner on camera would be. The more comfortable they are, the more comfortable you will be. And remember, that if at any time YOU do not feel comfortable with the person in front of you, or if there are warning signs of any kind, get rid of him and don't use him. No matter how good looking or how big his dick.

  2. i dont mind viewing models without condoms i admit BUT i would hope that they are following correct procedures than "just sayin" but on the other hand its probably better wearing them as its promoting safe sex im honestly 50/50 BUT im strongly would say safe sex :)

  3. Interesting post boys. There are several comments I want to make on this topic. being a former porn actor (star) back in the day, there was no HIV that we knew of so it was more of a honor system. If you said you had no STD's you went at your word. HOWEVER that always didn't work out BUT if you infected someone you worked with, with syphilis or something else, you were BANNED from ever working again and when word got around you were ostrasized from the industry.
    Things are different now; VERY different. the porn industry has been elevated to a different level. If you are successful your stardom becomes legitimate and you are sought after. I think however that if you lie about status and you go around infecting your co workers you are still shunned and thrown out of the industry, except by those of course who want to get infected, which I never understood. If you don't care about your own physical health you sure as hell aren't going to care about mine!
    Solution? That's a big gray area. Why? Because if you are going to do a movie in a week or two and you get tested and the results are a clean bill of health and you hook up with someone AFTER you get tested but BEFORE you do your movie, you may have put yourself at risk AFTER you got your test results and can end up infecting someone else you are working with in that movie anyway.
    I don't think there's a sure fire answer for this one at all. The Honor System doesn't always work nor is getting tested before a movie for exactly the reason I described above.
    In addition, HIV and Hepatitus doesn't show up for many weeks or even months so you can have negative results and STILL be infectious as in the case of HIV and contagious in the case of Hepatitus. 70 to 80% of genital herpes is spread WITHOUT there ever being ANY outbreak or symptoms on the genital area and warts are spread without any active VISIBLE warts. Unless you are a well known porn actor who's reputation would be ruined by him infecting others, many wont give a shit as long as they get on film. Of course many will give a shit for the fast money, but many wont.
    It is Daddy's opinion that if you decide to hookup in a porn movie with a stranger, you take the SAME precautions you would as if your hooking up on line or in a bar. Its just not worth your health. If you claim your dick don't work with a condom on..there's blue and yellow pills to keep your dick hard for HOURS.
    Be safer when it comes to your life and make INFORMED CHOICES!!

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  5. WOW, 10 mins after a post. So many great comments and some great insite guys, thanks guys we are honored.
    @Jim, great comment man, not sure if you realize you posted that twice but I removed the second copy.
    @Ben, love to pick your ear in private man.