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Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Didn't Forget You!

Good morning Men! 

First off, too all our fans,

Pito and I have not forgotten you, in fact We can honestly say that the fans, this blog, and the site are always on our minds.  We are constanly thinking about our next move and always passing ideas back and forth not only between each other but a few associates as well.  We know a lot of you are getting a little frustrated waiting for this site to come up - Trust Us Men, NO ONE WANTS THIS SHIT UP AND RUNNING MORE THAN WE DO.  LOL.  It is coming Guys, We still can't give you an exact launch date - but you wont be waiting much longer.

What is the hold up?

We've told you before that we were in a holding pattern.  Well here's what the hold up has been.  A very few of you might know that Pito is a Soldier in the US Military and we have been struggleing for over a year now to get him out.  We've taken quite a risk over the last year or two plastering his face all over the internet while still serving in the military.   He's only days away from the Official Orders for him to retire. We hear all your request for some video and here's when you can expect it.  As soon as he's officially out we will be putting up some clips on youtube and xtube for you guys to stroke your meat too.  It's just a matter of days or a couple weeks.

The Web Site?

Let me be the first to say to anyone who wants to start a web site - STACK YOUR CHANGE BOYS! 
I strongly suggest unless you are just a major computer geek that you find a kick ass Web Designer or get ready to pay!   We had to turn our mess (that I created) over to a little guy named Fred - Cross your fingers that he can figure out the mess that we are so proud to call our Baby Boy - SavageTalonsMedia. 


Yes!!!  We have been trying to move for a very long time now.  If all goes well we will be located in Florida before Halloween.  In the next couple weeks we are off to look for a house to rent in the Orlando/Kissimme area! 

Why there and not Ft. Lauderdale? 

Well, Pito is the proud father of 4 great kids and we are getting custody of at least 1 of his boys in the next couple of months.  Although we really enjoy it,  I'm not really sure that the party environment of Ft. Lauderdale is something that a 12 year old boy should see everyday.   


We read each and every comment that we recieve from you guys not only on here but facebook and all the emails.  You've been asking for New Post, New Pictures, Video.  We know some of you are frustrated - We Are Too!  The wait is almost over...

Pito & Rick


  1. Excellent post babe!!!

  2. your posts have been missed! all the best with the move x

  3. Can't wait to watch you guys do your thing.
    PEACE & BLESSINGS to you both