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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hey Guy's, I know that's the question on many of your minds.  What is holding us up now.  Well the good news is - NOT MUCH.  LOL

I really wanted to release the Video this weekend and a couple things have held that back.  We really wanted to put in place a system that we could grow with rather than starting with a system that would soon (we hope. lol) would need to be updated.

First -
      Payment Processing - We can't skimp there, this is your money and ours.  We had thought about starting out with PayPal but as we researched it further - Lets just say they are not for us and we sure aren't for them.  LOL
We sucked it up and went with the Big Dawg for Paymen Processing.  CCBill seems to be the way to go with a lot of options for our future needs already built in (ie.  Live Web Cam is Coming).  This is was a huge hit for getting this set up.  We/I still working on the embed codes for the site and getting things straight with them.  SO THAT'S REALLY THE HOLD UP.

But if you noticed I said First so there has to be a Second right?  LOL

I got carried away during some final editing and added some special effects.  I actually We thought they were cool.  Well you might as well know we let a few close buds preview the finished project.  Some of these guys are in the business, one is also a web site owner (and doing well), and are few are some close buds who are just porn fiends.  We haven't heard back from everyone, but the ones who have gotten back said loose the effects.  So, Ok.  I remake the video without the effects (not that big of a deal actually).

What else, my bad I didn't plan this post at all and it's coming straight from the hip.  I got a lot to tell you but it will have to wait until later.


Oh WOW, I almost forgot.  We Have Had 66 Members Join STM in the Week of the anouncement of the opening for Memberships.  To Me Thats an Awesome Amount in such a short time.  We Luv You Guys.
Thanks for Joining Men and to the Rest of You.  What Are You Waiting For - It's Free.......

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