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Monday, April 18, 2011

Calling Out To Our Fans!

We announced a Model Search Last Week.  Seems we need to make a few things clear.  LOL

Contential U.S. Residents only! And Currently only seeking (mosty) Guest Appearance.  Sorry Guys, Lets Be Real With This..  We don't have it like that, not yet anyway.  Later on when we start getting paid, we will pay better.  Trust me, we will promote the hell out of you and sure remember you in the future when the big bucks start rolling in.  The blog is still hot with a min. of 1200 hits a week and the Site (STM) is taking off like a rocket with already 195 members.  I don't know about you, but thats fucking awesome to me and show's this Mutha Fucka is gonna take off quick!

Now Lets Get To It, We Really Need Your Help. 

Gentlemen, For the last what - year? Many of you guys wanted to film either with Us of For Us - We will consider those of you who wish to wear a Mask if you have other qualities to compensate (no that does not necessarily mean a big dick).  (I wish I had a nickle right now for how many have offered to do it for free). Well lets see it guys, We will Pay for your flight. You'll get to chill out with us for a couple days and depending on your preferances we will work a scene around your visit! Anyone interested, we need to make this happen by the end of may.

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