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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pito n Rick in a Tie?

Been a long week boys, we are just taking a break this weekend.  Today is my Birthday!  I'm 35 again!  Enough Said.  lol

Thought you guys might like to see us dressed up for court last week.  BTW.  We Squashed the Bitch!

If we not careful this looks like this case Might Make Headlines Guys.  This is truning into a Civil Rights case for Gay Parents and I'm afraid if we not careful it will make at least local news...

Also, STM took another hit from the Haters last week.  They got my FB profile this time, but I was back up and running with my back up profile with in mins and have created an additional profile.  Yes that's Right, I and Pito have two Facebook profiles and we are asking our Friends, Fans, and Facebook Family to add both profiles so that next time our shit gets deleted (and we know it will.  lol) we will not loose touch with you guys. 

Anyway, here's pics of us with our ass washed and hair combed.  LOL


  1. These are great pics. And what's going on with court? 35 again? Really! Chris

  2. DAMN !! Y'all Look as Great Snuggly Clothed, as Bare Ass Naked !!

  3. Damn!!! Rick's ass is poppin in those black pants and Pito your bulges (chest & dick) looks delicious in dress clothes.
    I love seeing those "workplace" sex scenes.