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Thursday, June 30, 2011

YES! ,we do fight........But LOVE conquers all!!!

A few close friends may know that.....Rick and I , have been going to blows the past 2 days, and damn what a fight that was......But, I am to blame for a big part of it.  I am extremely bull headed dude, and I DON'T take care of myself as I should.  Now let me make sure i'm clear when I say "take care of myself"....we not talking knowing your status and shit like that, I'm talking medication to keep me breathing another day like blood pressure, cholesterol, and CPAP machine at night.  I have had several medical issues in the past and no one has been there for me more that Hub, to the point were i thought i had my own personal nurse, to tell me OK take your meds or use your machine..I'm a grown ass man, he shouldn't have to ride me like that.  Now this may seem like i;m coming down hard on myself but it was putting a strain on our relationship.  Hub used to be a E.R. nurse and i simply got used to him doctoring me when i know better and shoulda been doctoring my damn self , that's just one less thing he has to worry about, aside from the website that he has spent 100's of hours doing and has done a DAMN good job doing!  I know i have said this before and we have truly  been through allot of shit together were he has stuck by me through it all ,as to were someone else would have said fuck this, deuces holla at me when you get all this ironed out.  I'm not gonna go into detail on that particular issue, a good friend pointed something out to me today that, that should not be talked about...Good looking out T!........We BOTH crazy as hell! and have some things we need to work on but who better to work on it with than ya crazy ass husband!...LOL. ....We love each other men, neither one of us is going anywhere, but we really must learn to control our anger and think in matters like this. What we went through made us even stronger and deeper in love for one another.  I want to thank the people who fought  for us to hold on to our love, words of encouragement and most of all your friendship, I will not name any names but you definitely know who you are, much love and respect to you from the both of us.


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  1. Glad you worked it out; I don't like when Papa and Daddy fight, lol. ;-) I can relate to this, I'm living with a friend right now who is teaching me how to fight as part of love and I hate it but its necessary as friends and probably necessary for my next relationship as I've never been good at fighting; I either went overboard, or avoided it altogether.