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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We Are Ready To Roll!

Hey guys, after some long ass nights of hard work STM is back on line and ready to roll with a New Video! 

Pito Savage in UNRESTRAINED is the first video we are using to kick this off with.

We want to personally thank each of you for your continued support in our endeavors.  We have made a few changes to the site with many more to come.  The site does still have a nice little preview side to it but the members area has been switched over to a more Traditional Style Pay Site.  We've done this because:
      It really seemed unfair for our fans to have to pay for each video and/or download that they wish to view seperately!  As we got to thinking about it, it would really get expensive for you guys so we wanted to come up with a way to make things cheaper and more attractive for you all.
      Now instead of you only being able to view one video for a 30 day period of time you will now be able to see all the videos that you want during the option that you purchase.  You will also have access to download all the videos on the site instead of just the one that you have purchased.  Along with that you will now be able to view and save all the scene shots from all the videos that you would like.  We are also making all the music available for each video available for download at many request from the fans.
      With our new system it will push us to keep our commitment to you to add 1 new video every month along with several scene shots and the music for each video.  (I am already editing the next flick to be released next month)  Along with that we will now get on Web Cam for you guys twice a month (1 for our time zone and the other more fitting for the other side of the world) so you will have a chance to get to know us better, ask us questions and let us know what you wanna see in videos as well as give us suggestions on the site.  We love to hear not only the things you like, but also the things you don't like or that you feel need improved on. This is not going to be a live sex show (sorry guys.  lol) but only a chance for you to sit down and talk to us.  We are starting the Cam at the first of Nov. and the times and dates will be announced prior to paying members only on the Site.
We have made this as reasonable for you guys as we could;
      $14.95 (usd) non-recurring for 30 days
      $12.95 (usd) for 30 days recurring every 30 days

Please check out the site at and we thank you for hanging in there with us and for your continued support!

Rick Talons and Pito Savage

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