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Friday, December 2, 2011


Well men, after a rough move to Orlando and long hours of editing and re-shoots, the new video is here called ENFORCED.  After watching our finished product we sat back looked at each other and just smiled and said this is one of the best projects we have done so far. The plot of the video is simply,
after Rick is rejected for sex twice by me, Rick is tired of the bullshit and  takes matters in his own hands to get a piece of my ass and dick his way!

Although the new video is up and ready for viewing, the site itself is going through many structural changes, so please bare with us.  Yes the video was a bit late but like I said earlier we moved, allot of editing and a fucked up internet connection uploading to the site push things back a bit so we apologize.  If anyone has a membership that ran out before Enforced was posted please let us know and we will give you a 5 day extension BUT,  the video should have been posted on the 20th of November so if your membership ran out BEFORE the 20th of November you are NOT eligible for the extension, if you ran out AFTER the 20th of November are eligible for the 5 day extension.  If you feel that you are eligible for it please send us your user names and we will verify your memberships start and finish so that we can make sure we accommodate you the rightful way...Thanks so much for all the love and support you  men have shown Rick, myself and STM.  Enjoy the new video and the other videos we have on the site as well, there is so much more in store for STM so keep it locked on us!