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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Trust is a very big word for us and is not easily earned, personally I can't even fill one hand by the number of people who currently have my full trust.  (To some being trusted is a greater complement than that of being loved.)

Those of you who have followed our blog and some of you on facebook know that we rarely will use someones name especially in a negative context.  However, this is one of those occasions when it must be done not as much for the reason as to ruin the persons name - but to warn those who's path he will cross in the future.   Learn this name, study the picture that follows and commit it to memory!

                                                                    Dimitris Kalpouzos

I'm sure you've heard us speak of him before, over the last 2 years or so he has been Pito and I's friend on facebook.  We spoke to Dimitris almost everyday and in time had considered him a friend.  As time went on he had earned such trust from us, we made him one of the administrators over our groups on facebook and to this day I even have a gift from him sitting on my desk (not to be here much longer). 

When we first started speaking with Dimitris or Dimi as he is often called he was living in Greece where he claims to be from, then a year or more later he moved to Germany for a Job.  He seemed very unhappy in Germany and seemed to be seeking a way out, he often suggested that he come to the States to help Pito and Myself out with the business and our everyday lives.  That offen feel on deaf ears on more than one occasion, we don't have need for a house boy and often thought that he may have deeper desires than to just be our friend.  So we often keep him close but at the same time at arms length so we didn't encourage such things.

Then one day he started taking about someone in Chicago that he was starting to have feelings for, the mans first name is Dennis though for Dennis privacy I will leave his last name out of this.  Now as most of us know, when getting to know somone on line and especially someone who is half way across the world you really have to be careful because there is no way of actually getting to know the "real person" that way.  We urged Dimitris several times to be careful and even at one time told him not to come to the States to be with someone who he did not know, he agreed and we thought the matter had been dropped.  Then one day out of the blue Dimitris told us that he was planning on leaving Germany and moving to Chicago to be with Dennis, Pito and I could not believe this news but still at the same time wished him well.  I still remember looking at Pito and saying this is gonna blow up in his face and he's gonna want to come to Florida to stay with us.  We both agreed that that would never happen.

Now the story was that Dennis was a Doctor and had promissed Dimitris a job in a hospital, so I guess we had some hopes that this might work out for him.  In the beginning Dimitris seemed to be very happy with Dennis, but as time went on we discovered that Dennis was no doctor and that there was no job waiting for Dimitris.  According to Dimitris he was looking all over Chicago for job but was having troubles finding one because he only had a tourist visa and not a work visa (one of the many things we warned him about), so the next thing we heard was that he was to look for work that would pay him under the table until he could get the issues with his visa figured out - but it seemed he had no luck with that either.

Then one day the we hear that Dennis had disappointed Dimitris in this visit, he told us that Dennis would leave in the early moring  and would not return until well after 11pm at night.  We hear that Dennis had promised to introduce Dimitris to various people in Chicago and that someone would be able to help him with a job.  Then we hear that Dennis recieves a letter about Dimitris' visa and that it was to expire at the end of Feb.  We asked Dimitris several times if Dennis was going to pay for him to go back to Greece but always heard the same answer, no that he didn't have the money and that he was a fulltime student going to school to be a doctor and what little money he had left he would need to buy food.  This made us very angry and we had told Dimitris that he needed to find a way to get back home.  He claims that his parents didn't not have the money as he also claims that he asked churchs and even the government for the money to go home on but that no one would assist him.  So the pressure started on us, we felt that we just had to give Dimitris a hand and get him out of this aweful spot that he had put himself into.  So one evening I told Pito, "I think we should pay for his ticket to get home on" - Pito agreed and started to make the plans.

Now Dimitirs had claimed that life was hard in Greece and that a cousin of his in the UK had offered to take him in for several months until he could get a job and save money to get his own place.  This sounded like a pretty good deal for him so we got the tickets together so that he could go to the UK instead of Greece.  Now you guys hear us cry about the web site all the time and the fact that money can be a bit tight for us so of course we were looking for deals to get Dimitris home.  We had a credit with an airline from a previous deal when a model was supposed to come and shoot with us, but the model gave us a bad feeling and we canceled the deal with him but had this airplane ticket just hanging in limbo that we needed to use.  We learned that it would be cheaper to fly Dimitris out of Miami to London rather than Chicago to London, so we used the extra ticket to fly him here to Orlando from Chicago and then Pito made plans for him to fly to Miami so that he could catch his flight to London 2 days later.

Now of course we are trying to look out for Dimitris well being so we told him not to tell Dennis that he was leaving.  The day of Dimitris arrivial to Orlando we see on his facebook wall a post from a guy saying that they had a good time at dinner the night before and he will be missed - this was the first red flag that we noitice. 

When Dimitris landed we assumed he'd be hungry so we took him straight to a resturaunt to eat, and the questions from Pito began.  After the first 2 questions Pito could tell that Dimitris was uneasy and perhaps lieing so rather than cause a big stink Pito dropped it and we brought him home.  The next day we woke, I made us breakfast and we all went to Rippleys Believe It Or Not for the afternoon.  He gave us both little cards of thank you and a small give to show his apprication of our efforts.  The evening was spent watching several of the Sparticus Episodes and we all went to bed late that night.  Us in our bed and Dimitris on an air mattress in the living room.  Dimitris always seemed rather uneasy here at the house but on the morning of his flight we woke rather earily only to find Dimitris fully dressed standing in the living room looking rather odd.  We gave it no thought and rushed him to the airport for his flight, we offered him breakfast but he refused so with a hug from both of us we dropped him off and said our good byes.  We talked about him on the way home worried about him and hoping things would work out for him and knowing this was all we could do for him...

I made a post on facebook wishing him well in his new journey and Pito and I went back to bed.  When we woke up Dennis had made a rather nasty comment on my post, of course we didn't not believe Dennis and he and I went back and forth a bit.  Then Pito did some digging on Dimitris' wall and seen that he had replied to a post claiming that he would be back in Chicago this summer to be with Dennis and to see friends.  Now when Dimitris was here I offered him our spare laptop to use and he did, of course we didn't expect him to save any of his passwords but found it kinda strange that he deleted his history.  Pito was able to log on to his Tagged account and the lies unfolded in front of our eyes.  We learned that Dimitris was trying to make sex hookups all over the place behind Dennis back and that everything he had told us about Dennis was a flat out lie.  It seems that his plan is to go to the UK and apply for a work visa and then return to the States to be with Dennis and all these other men that he has been in contact with!  Even as I have been writting this post people have been sending personal chats between them and Dimitris talking bad about Pito and Myself going back as far as when he was living in Germany.

Dimitris is a Evil person who does not care who he uses to gain what he wants and I am so disappointed in Pito and I's judgement in his charactor.  Please beware of Dimitris and all like him fellas!!!


  1. now I see why you are all cautious


  2. Wow!!! I'm so sorry to hear that Rick and Pito.

  3. Really sucks when you were trying to help...people will screw you no matter what, I too have been sucked by feeling one needed help only to have them drain my finances. Without a simple thank you.never again will I let someone do this. Sorry for this idiot to use you guys like the end he will pay for his shameful acts....what goes around comes around

  4. I normally don't read blog entries, but this one was a MUST! I know of people Dimitris. Noel wouldn't allow him to get that close to us and I hope that you don't feel bad for helping him. You did the human thing and how or what he does/did about that is on him!

  5. It just come to show what a person will do for a quick nut. Whats in our pants can be just as worse as smoking crack. It will make you lose your self respect and lose good friends.

  6. Well guys, just so happens, we KNOW this ass all to well. I waited all day long for him to show up at the airport for a visit, two weeks prior we asked for this flight number and he said don't worry about it, so we didn't, come to find out he never booked the flight, leaving me standing in the airport all day long till midnight waiting for his sorry ass to show up. Then I guess you guys got involved because he mentioned Chicago to Craig and I, and that was the last we had heard from him.


  7. Ahm well, guy, I understand, but, why should need a man from greece a Visa for UK? And even for USA? He is Schengen-Room, so, he can work an being in UK at every time, and even in US, like he is from Germany. I mean, perhaps, he was very confused, after his experiances with that man in Chicago? I mean, if I would meet Pito online and hoping much, coming from Germany and he would tell me, he has another lover, I even would be shocked... And who is Craig?

  8. Glad I read this. People need to be very cautious. This definitely underscores this point.