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Sunday, April 15, 2012

SAVAGE - Fornicated Coma

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"The title Fornicated Coma, was really smooth how it all came about. Tech-house as we all know is a more stripped down take on house, using more synthetic-techno styles sounds that puts you in a sensual state of mind on the dancefloor, but you also have that feeling to bounce and rock to the music. All of the tracks on the album have sexual titles, da house of head , bang da headboard etc....and being in that "sensual state of mind" is were I came up with the Fornicated part of it. For the Coma part I thought , when that sound is taking you over and you have no apprehension of your surroundings and your in your kinectic state of mind and you find yourself thinking sexual thoughts, you are then in a Fornicated Coma. The flies mating on the cover, I thought was brillant for such a title being that they are mating(fornication), and if you ever seen flies mate , you can try to shun them away and they will not move is were the "coma" part comes in."
- Pito Savage

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