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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wyatt O’Brian Evans - Author of "Nothing Can Tear Us Apart - Rage!"

I thought you'd like to know a little about the Author of the hot new book
"Nothing Can Tear Us Apart - Rage".  (We posted on it last week if you need to catch up and the link can be found on the right for even more information or even How To Purchase!)  So we asked Wyatt O’Brian Evans for a Bio and it certainly is an impressive one!

                                                   Wyatt O’Brian Evans

     Arguably, Wyatt O’Brian Evans is the quintessential Renaissance man.  Mr. Evans is a journalist, author, entrepreneur, instructor, public/motivational speaker, voice-over instructor/talent, and entertainer. 
     From a very early age, Wyatt always has had a passion for communication in its various forms.  When he was just months old, he began to speak in complete sentences.    As an adolescent, he wrote poems, and created a series of comic books.  In college, Wyatt double-majored, earning Bachelor of Arts degrees in Journalism and Political Science from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.
     For more than 25 years, Wyatt has been a journalist.  His work has been featured in print and on line media outlets including the Huffington Post; Washington Post; Bilerico; BaltimoreOUTloud; Washington Blade; Prince George’s County, Maryland Journal; American Politics; Imperious Entertainment.   He has written in-depth and influential series on both LGBTQ intimate partner violence/abuse (IPV/A) and racism, which have been syndicated in various media outlets.
    Wyatt is the author of the popular and well-received series of novels, “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart” (gay/ethnic), released by Nair’Bo Universal—the publishing and production house he created.   “RAGE!”, the next installment in the “Nothing Can Tear Us Apart” series, is now available.
     As an instructor, Wyatt has taught editing and writing for government and the private sector.  As well, he is a voice-over (V/O) instructor/personal coach.  For several years, he held those positions for the renowned Creative Voice Development Group, a leading V/O Training and Development Company headquartered in upstate New York. 
     And as a V/O artist, Wyatt has performed narrations for government and the private sector, and radio spots for the D.C. Lottery, Hair Cuttery, Adaptec, and others.  He considers performing radio spots for Secretary of State Colin Powell’s America’s Promise organization his most rewarding achievement.
     As a public/motivational speaker, Wyatt has given talks and seminars to organizations on a variety of issues and topics, including domestic violence and abuse (IPV/A), racism and voice-overs.
     Wyatt also is a versatile actor, having appeared in training films for government and organizations.  He’s been featured in television commercials.  Wyatt won the lead role in “Traces of Guilt,” an episode in the long-running “New Detectives” series on the Discovery Channel.  He portrayed David Middleton, the real-life former police officer turned serial killer who terrorized Reno, Nevada.  “Traces of Guilt” became one of the most-watched episodes of “New Detectives,” and was repeated several times.
     Wyatt is a graduate of the prestigious and celebrated American Comedy Institute in Manhattan.  As a comedian, he has performed in clubs across the country (Caroline’s, Comedy Cellar, Headliners, etc.), and in the Caribbean. 

     Currently, Wyatt resides in the metro Washington area.  You can visit him at:, and follow him on Face Book at, and the Wyatt OBrian Evans Official Fan Club.

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