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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who's Fault Is It?

We don't wanna use this blog to publicly bash someone or even influence our readers one way or another.  However I just have to say something personally to a post I read on someone's blog.  Now first I have to say both Pito and I are long time fans of this dude and give nothing but love for his work.  I personally read his blog weekly and he has indirectly taught us a lot about this business.  I'm not going to mention his name or his blog because I don't really wanna start anything with him, but I just have to comment on "just a bit" of his post.

"a HIV Poz model tried to use fake Test results to work" "My safety was put at risk by some model who wanted a pay check" "Did the model purposely try to Fake US out??" "Why am I putting myself at risk just to film a porno?" "Whose fault is it?"

Now first off, I have so many things I'd like to say to this dude face to face.  But for now, I'll just say this here and hope that he and a few others might learn from this:

I don't know this model personaly, but I've read his blog weekly for a hell of a long time.  He (indirectly) was the inspiration for us to start our site and do a little porn ourselves.  We have nothing but respect for the work of his that we've seen.  But for as long as I can remember, this model ( and a lot of other's) have been preaching about Condom's, Safe Sex, and HIV.  Now I'm all for education and stopping the spread of everything.  Yet I see pics with this guy pissing in mouths, cumming all over their faces, freshly shaved ass's, crotch - fucking cum just flung everywhere!  (Wow, I'm getting myself hot)  And he likes or lets the same shit done back to him.  I have never seen him suck or get sucked with a condom on and can't recall seeing very many pics with anyone giving or recieving head with a rubber on.  You see these btms get rimmed all day long both before and after at least one dick had "slam fucked" the hell outta them.  These models eat that shit like it's Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom's, Is it safe to eat a tore up hole?  where's the Barrier?  And let's not forget people using rubber gloves to finger someone - and then eat their hole?

I'm really not getting this.  Piss, though it be sterile coming out - has the potential to infect you with a number of differnt things that no one wants.  I mean hell, you can't even go to a fast food place without having to worry about getting Hepatitus, why is it ok to drink piss at a party?  And the next time you wanna cum or want someone to cum on your face or ass remember that a pimple and/or a razor cut is an open sore just as your freshly fucked hole is that everyone wants to cum on or eat after they finger or fuck it. 

A couple years ago P and I decided to suck on this guys dick.  I bet together we sucked this dude for less than 5 mins, chemistry just wasn't there or something.  At any rate, it just so happened that I went on my scheduled check up a couple weeks later only to find out that this fucker had given me (later that day to find out, us) sysphillis.  Now we looked the dick over before we put our lips on it, the guy worked out, took care of himself, and during a short intro seemed cool enough.  I never would have guessed that we would end up getting sick from this fucker - and let me tell you boys THOSE FUCKING SHOTS HURT!

You claim and I'm sure you are to a point a Strong Black Role Model, Well if you're gonna preach "Safe Sex" - learn it first.  You are way old enough to know with all the people I've seen you preform with in Videos, read about you taking care of your "clients", and assume the people you have slept with becasue you liked them for one reason or anther - you've prob slept with a few poz people in your life.  It's all about safe sex right?  Also I encourage you and all our readers to learn your facts about HIV+ and especially Undectable HIV+.   In a lot of your post and with people I have spoken with through out the years, you seem to Isolate Poz  into some sort of group like they just nasty or something - maybe we should have all the HIV+ people put on some Secluded Island or something?   You are only falling Victim to and contributing to the problem.  No wonder the Model felt he had to lie, he was being discriminated against not only by a company he wanted to work for, other models, and a large part of society.  What he did was wrong, I'll admit that. 

But I have to ask, " Who's Fault Is It?" 

Well I challange You and Our readers to Really Educate youselves about not only HIV but all the other things out there.

Rick Talons


  1. I have just read this blog and I am in full support of this, we all as men have to be careful when we are out there. In life we do not know when we get an STD or HIV so in this blog we need to use protection and we need the education so we can see the sign. If guys want to dance with danger then it is their choice but for me I will be safe always and I will read and have the education in my mind and I never go against my principles ever and I will stay safe always.

  2. Rick..I cant believe that only one commented on this but then again I can. Its a hot topic that no one wants to touch, talk about or even approach but Daddy J likes touching HOT men..Yeah and that's why I enjoyed touching you both. (non sexually just a FYI)

    I found it very interesting that a porn actor would be upset because someone lied about his status. I agree TOTALLY with what you wrote. There's still a stigma and discrimination on having HIV. Men are STILL shunned. We tend to forget there are OTHER Sexually transmitted diseases out there as bad if not worse than HIV.

    I believe that because of this the model felt compelled to lie, wrong as it was. Being a single guy, and a top, I often have guys lie about their status; wanting me to fuck them raw and shoot up into them and I CAN sympathize with
    that. Who wants to admit to someone he just met that's he's HIV positive ESPECIALLY since hes likely been rejected before? Does it make it right, OF course not. HOWEVER, I take the proper precautions WITHOUT me having to ask them directly BECAUSE I EDUCATED MYSELF. Some men choose to tell me others don't and that's ok. I am MUCH more afraid of Hep C than HIV. Men also need to be educated about being UNDETECTABLE HIV. I PERSONALLY have been involved with men who were undetectable that I HAVE fucked raw and I am still negative. I EMPHASIZE that I KNOW these guys and have had relationships WITH them..Not a one time trick.
    I use protection ALL the time with one shot men.

    I hate using the term, "it was this ones fault" or "that ones fault." Taking someones word on their status that you don't know just to get into a porn movie?. Ill informed choice. Anyone who lies ABOUT their status just to GET into a porn movie? Another ill informed choice.

    Bottom line here. We have to BEGIN to love ourselves AND each other AS WE ARE; taking care OF each other and having each others best interest at heart. When we TRULY put each other in the equation and NOT just self cherishing what WE want and what WE need and what WE think, there will be no more reason to hide and lie.

    One last thing.. to my porn boys..This Daddy Loves you both..

  3. Kitt Campbell-VordeauxAugust 5, 2010 at 6:06 PM

    Well said my friend. Learn and be educated about the subject that you intend on spreading before you put your foot where your mouth is. Education is key and most people can't even get their foot in the door because they don't have it in the first place.

    Whomever the person is should be ashamed of himself for the level of intelligence he doesn't seem to possess.

    Playing Raw is Russian Roulette in itself yet, if the person knows the risk involved- who are we to judge?

    People shouldn't have to lie about their status to get the job and keep it.

    I just shake my head in wonderment.

    Let's stop being feeble-minded and get educated on it.

  4. @David
    Thanks man. I hate it that people lie about their status, but I hate it more that they feel like they have too

    @Daddy Jim
    Well Said! We should have co-wrote that shit. wouldhave made an awesome post together. You know we luv ya too man. We will be in Florida to stay really soon and just a stones throw away.
    Rick n Pito

  5. I lost my best friend last year to AIDS. He kept it to himself until the very end - didn't tell me, his family or another friends as far as I know. I have been working through the anger and sadness of all of this since his passing.
    I know coming out as gay, HIV positive, etc. is tough and so many in our community have been in the habit of lies, deceit, subterfuge - you name it - to the point it becomes a lifestyle. All stemming from fear of facing who we really are.
    I know it is a cruel world where people will ostracize, discriminate, beat or even kill those who are different. But we need to gather the courage within ourselves to live our lives honestly and with love and not fear.
    And we all need to encourage others to do so by accepting each other as we truly are.
    I realize this is a very complex issue and I encourage all of us to engage in an on-going discussion. Most of all remember keeping secrets and staying in hiding is never good for anyone. Never!

  6. @Kitt.
    I don't believe the root of the problem is a lack of education, though education and knowledge is essential. I feel the problem stems from the heart - a lack of compassion, love, thinking of more than yourself. We all need to make a living, we all are searching for love and meaning. But in this journey of life we have to remember to give and be considerate of others. We should learn to be good stewards of our fellow men and women.
    Too often in our society everything is reduced down to the quest for the brass ring. I find this to be a sad and meaningless pursuit. Because, paradoxically, only through giving of ourselves do we truly receive.
    What does this have to do with not revealing ones HIV status? Everything.

  7. @ Bill. All I can say is WOW and Thanks for your post man. So Well Said man!

  8. You guys are doing Extraordinary things with this blog. Much more than you're aware ! Kudos, guys ! Kudos !!