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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Would You Still Want Me....

I have a Question for you to ask yourselves?   Do you let a credit score get in the way of love?  What is the Worth of a Man?  Is he Worth Less if his credit score is Below 450 - Even 350?  When did the Credit Score become more valiable than the human being?  It's bad enough to get denied a loan because of a low score - But to be denied a chance at Love. 

Let me tell ya boys, the dowry that came along with me when Pito took over was nothing to be proud of.

I used to have a good credit score...
2 years before I met Pito I bought a new car,
1 year before I met Pito I bought a house.
Car needs repairs, House needs remolded......

You think I'm hot and you want some....
Would You Still Want Me If I Were Broke?

We are all judged everyday by our looks (i.e. race, weight, package), jobs, but now a credit score? 

My personal Credit Score isn't any of your business, but I'm sure not living the life style of the Rich and Famous I'll tell ya that......


  1. We all have our criteria when choosing someone. The key is finding someone who approximates what we like/need. But it's important to keep an open mind because no one can live up to any persons vision of an ideal man. BTW, there is no such thing as an objective "ideal man".

  2. I was rich and now I'm poor. I hope the folks who loved me when I was rich will still love me now that I'm poor. :-P Time will tell...


  3. I think that only those with al lot of "things" and "money" have to worry about people's motives when they first meet up. personally do go by looks until I get to know that person.

    BTW: You look great Rick!!!