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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rest In Peace Robert...

As I said on facebook last night, this week has been one of the hardest that Pito and I have had to deal with.
P has had a lot and I mean a lot of paper work to finish before he could get out of the Army - so that has been going on.  And of course Robert has been in our prayers for weeks now.  The last visit with him was one of the roughest on Pito and I. 

We need time to get ourselves together before we/I can write a good post, for now.

Robert passed away last night (10/09/2010) around midnight  or so. 

I have a lot to say about Robert and what he ment to Pito and I as well as his friends and co-workers - but not now.

I will say, Chris - you were the best to Robert.

and Shawn - man I really can't tell you how much respect and how much I admire you!  ( you see Shawn was Roberts boss - Shawn worked Roberts hours for him and continued to pay Robert)  I'm so thankful that Robert had a boss as great as you man.  Kudos Shawn and we luv you for it!

this candle i took off the web, it's royality free and i posted it for robert at the bottom of our blog.  it will remain there for him. 

We Love You Robert and know You are in a Better Place!

Pito and Rick

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  1. Sorry for your loss guys. I hope when my time comes I have friends as good as you guys and Shawn to help me with my final days...