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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

STM - FaceBook

Wanna take a min to talk about facebook.  When my man suggested we get a facebook account I really wasn't all that into the idea.  But we both put up profiles and after a week or so my friends list had gottten as high as 300 - In Less Than a Week.  We have met some really great contacts though facebook, in fact thats where we found our graphic designer Duncan Baumbauch.  Also We have gotten aquainted with a few guys that I have jacked off to for
But this is what this post is about.  One day just sitting here looking though the profiles and I decided to request Dimi Dimitriades.  This is the response I got -

"Dimi Dimitriades Thanks for the friend request Rick!
When can we shoot you guys for Paragon Men?

Welcome to Paragon Men - The Hottest Men on Earth
Needless to say we are very Honored that they asked us!  When ever you are ready Dimi, we are down!
We also need to share a response from someone who I never expected such enthusiam - This came from Mr. Damien Holt.
"P.S. you guys look super hot together and the site looks amazing!! Hope you guys have a great week!!

Obviously there is a bit more to this email, but we keeping that on the DL for now.
Thanks Dimi and Damien for your messages!  We look forward to getting to know you both better.
Rick & Pito

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