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Sunday, May 16, 2010

We Are Doing The Damn Thing

We are Getting this Baby on his Feet finally. 

For those of you who have not heard, SavageTalonsMedia is attempting to do things a little different from some of the well known Sites.
If you're looking for the pretty sets and the hot perfect bodies - Then you'd better move on. 
We are here to promote the everyday man.
Real Men, Real Sex, Real Deal is what you will find here. 

Our Site will have plenty of free content (pics, clips, etc)  for all viewers as well as a members section were we plan to get Really Dirty.

We are finally ready to anounce that by the end of the summer SavageTalonsMedia (STM) will have the first Video avaiable.  This one will be mainly us, although we might have a little something extra.  We plan to offer this for viewing on the Site as well as DVD ( We might even let ya Download it for those of you who can't wait!)
Also, We will be doing a casting call for a Second Film sometime this summer.  We are looking for the Inshape, Masculine, Stocky, Muscluar Men who's looks are not cut out of Cheese.  We'll have more on our Site later.

We have found some great talent for both behind the sceens as well as in front of the camera so that we can bring You WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE!

We appreciate your patience and all your support.
Pito Savage & Rick Talons