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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

STM - "Public Service Announcement addressing the HATERS!!!"

Yesterday we experienced some real bullshit with some people on facebook.  I post a comment about how my man punched my hole damn good, and a couple of dickheads, wanna hate talking bout we dont' need to post shit like that, well you know what, to hell with you!!(LOL), we can say what ever we I said on facebook, if you dont wanna read me or my man shit don't ignore it, just take me off your list and keep it moving bitches.  This is how Pito and Rick gets down.  I hate it when somebody always got something to say, if you ain't got nothing nice to say, DON'T SAY A MUTHA FUKIN THING!   Don't  add a gay man to your shit that you don't know from adam and not expect him to say some gay shit on his wall....All that shit was childish and petty ......we can be the coolest, most down to earth  dudes you could ever meet, but were not gonna put up with people knocking what we say and how we feel about our sexuality towards each other..... WE donot have time for dumbshit, but the real men that we are it was only right to apologize to the dudes who had parents or grandparents on there page, and seen my post. We don't want any disrespect intended towards them.....brothers, sisters, co-workers etc....fuk ya'll eat a dick, you either like us or you don't we  gives a rats ass(lol).....we keeps it real to the fullest and we say what we please! when we want, we see no harm in that....if I wanna express how much I love my man in my own way so be it Damnit!!!.....some of these dudes can't handle  real men and there tounges , so if that's you , Mr. Savage & Mr. Talons are definately not your cup of tea............


  1. Gon' wit' ya, Pito !!
    Preach THAT Word !!!


  3. Though I'm a newcomer to this blog and, thankfully, missed the despicable and cowardly behavior of the haters, I lend my support and admiration to you guys. Keep up living the rainbow example all year long that our community flies in it's flag. Bravo!