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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rick Talons - My Opinion on the Haters

I wanna take a min here to second Mr. Savage's post on the Haters.  I agree with everything My Man has to say and I have a few extra things I'd like to include in that post, but they are really not appropriate for even here.

Even with all the crap that went down with both our profiles being deleted and all (you guys really tried),  But we are still here and Are Not Going Anywhere!  

It's really simple -  if you don't like it, go on to the next Blog or Friends List.

Rick Talons - (Persoanl Opinion)


  1. Nothing Succeeds Like Savage/Talons Success !!
    Way to Bitch Slap them F-ing Haters !!
    WHAP ! WHAP ! WHAP'Em !!! LOL !!

  2. We got your back Pito and Rick.
    Your F/B Friends