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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks for Backing us up Guys....

I tried to post these on FB, but of course they are too big.  I think it's better here anyway, hope you dont mind guys.

These are just a few comments that we are used to seeing from our friends | fans | followers.  I wanted to repost them because viewing/adding comments to this blog is a bit difficult at first for a lot of people - I really should work on this issure for you guys.  Anyway - This is luv, we feel if from you guys and you sure have it back.  Thanks for backing us on this issure and so many others.
Just to make it clear, these comments are in support of Pito's post about disrespect...

We luv ya Pito & Rick

Hi Pito and Rick: As you know, that guy is so narrow-minded on so many levels that I won't go into each issue specifically, it's too overwhelming. If he wants to know why he "can't keep a black man", (or any man for that matter), all he needs to do is to go back and read almost every word he wrote there. The answers are right there in his questions. He's got himself "on lockdown" in so many different ways. I hope he can make the many changes he needs to make to be happy, because everyone deserves love and happiness. But they have to realize that they are often getting in their own way of finding it. Peace,

Rick and Pito, Don't let the perspective of some assholes out there get to you. That dude is an example of many that are shallow minded and feels as though whatever his personal preferences are should be ours. FUCK THEM ALL!!! I only know you guys online but I LOVE what I see and am happy for your relationship. Most people (gay & straight relationships) can only wish/dream to have what you have. When I get the disrespectful type and it's someone who don't know me - I just delete them from my world. No need to go back and forth and explain who I am because from their comment - they wouldn't understand my point of view anyway. Or he/she can be one of those lonely, messy, drama filled persons out there that don't know how to get the attention that they need in a positive way.

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