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Saturday, October 16, 2010

This is really funny to me.

I have someone on my facebook friends list who I don't think I've ever spoken too past the first thanks for adding me whatever.  I have a lot of people on my list who I hardly ever speak too, as you all know we kinda went  crazy adding people when we first joined fb.  At any rate, I really dont pay a whole lot of attention to the dudes page unless he adds a pic or something.  But last week this caught my eye, I was saving it for another post - but with this topic so charged up I'll share this now....

"I'm really not racist so why don't I have more white people as friends on my facebook?
Help me out send me suggestions of some of your non black friends that will add me."
Now of course I'm not going to show this persons name, and at first seeing this I laughed to myself and instantly went to remove him from my list.  But then I got this thought, I really wish I was a professor or some shit so I'd know how to put this on a graph. 
Of course I don't know just how many have been added, but the number of wht people who have been added to this dudes friends list is too funny to me.  All I've seen the last week or so is several white men falling prey to this mans trap.
Now this is a good looking bruh and I'd really have to guess that the majority of the people who he's recently added he wouldn't even go outta his way to piss on if they were on fire, I imagine I'm also one of them....
I don't know this dude as I said, but I can't help but wonder how he does not see just how racist this statement is and how racist he comes off to the people who are actually smart enough to see this for what it is. 


  1. u make a good point! .... its like with me i always get asked why do i have all black men on my page - but then u get the racist people who say get away and things like that but some just dont think!